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Tents and Trees from indie Frozax Games is a colorful puzzle game set in the great outdoors. Learn more about it in our Tents and Trees review!

Tents and Trees from indie Frozax Games is a colorful puzzle game set in the great outdoors. The premise is simple: you must place one tent next to each tree and make sure that the other cells have grass on them. As you can tell from the trailer and the screens in this Tents and Trees review, the game also has a bit of a Picross vibe going on since you’ll need to pay attention to the numbers on the different columns and rows to be able to figure out which cells need to have a tent, which ones need a tree, and which ones need to have grass. It will probably remind you of Minesweeper and Sudoku as well.

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The numbers are your clue for how many tents need to be placed in that row or column. Another rule to remember is that the tent that you must place next to a tree must be on one of the four cells horizontally or vertically adjacent to the tree. That means the tent must go on the left or right or the tree or above or below it because tents placed diagonally from a tree will not count as part of the solution. Oh, and tents can’t touch each other… not even diagonally!

You can play this one either with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or by using the console’s touch screen when playing in Tabletop or Portable Mode. If using physical inputs, you’ll move a cursor over the grid with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you press the B button on each cell to set some grass. You can think of grass as the X marks you’d place on a Picross level to know which cells are to be “empty.”

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By doing this, you’ll be able to more easily spot the right cell where you should place a tent. This is done by once again moving the cursor to the spot you need and pressing the A button. And since tents can’t touch each other, placing a tent on the grid means that all other cells around the tent you placed can’t have another tent, so you’ll need to place some grass. If a row or column has the number zero next to it, that means you should immediately place a bunch of grass on all of its cells!

If you make a mistake, you can press the L button to go back. Pressing the B button on a cell that has some grass will end up removing it. Pressing the A button on a cell with a tent on it will remove that tent. If you want to 100% the game, then you’ll need to complete each puzzle as fast as possible and without using the undo button… as well as without getting a hint. If you’re stuck, you can press the X button to get a hint.

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There’s also an in-game achievement system for you to work on. The list includes 32 achievements in total, with objectives such as completing 15, 60, 175, 350, and 1,000 levels, completing 20 9×9 levels, completing 20 11×11 levels, completing an 8×8 level in less than 1:25, completing a 12×12 level for the first time without using any hints, completing a daily level two days in a row, completing all daily levels for one day, completing a 7×7 level without any mistakes by placing only tents, placing a link between a tree and a tent, completing a level in dark mode between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., completing a level with two players, and completing a level with four players.

Tents and Trees is a colorful puzzle game set in the great outdoors. You’ll be taking on a game that will offer a ton of puzzles to solve as you place tents while following the rules. To make the most of your time with this one, you’ll need to pay attention to the numbers on the rows and columns that form the grid area, similar to how you’d approach a puzzle in one of the many Picross games on the console. Tents and Trees is out on Nintendo Switch at a $9.99 price, and it’s one that you should definitely check out!

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This Tents and Trees review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Frozax Games.

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