Klaus Lee – Thunderballs On Its Way To Switch

by EdEN, Owner

2D action platformer Klaus Lee – Thunderballs from Assemble Entertainment and NUKKLEAR will be making its way to Nintendo Switch later this year. Come check it out!

You remember Klaus Lee, right?! No? Well, you should! He almost became a cop in Beverly Hills but then applied to be a private investigator in Hawaii and got bored waiting to find out if he got it. Moving back to Cali, he worked as an unknown stuntman while running a squad of troubleshooters that kept getting beaten to the clients by A much more successful Team. One time he barely missed his job interview at a New York startup and some dude named Zeddemore got the job as an exterminator of spirits.
Did you know that Klaus trained Maverick how to both fly his jet and play killer beach volleyball? This is only a glimpse of everything he experienced living life to the max. Klaus was a really busy guy!

Klaus Lee - Thunderballs Review - 4

Klaus Lee - Thunderballs Review - 3

Klaus Lee - Thunderballs Review - 2

Klaus Lee - Thunderballs Review - 1

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