GrimGrimoire OnceMore Lands Next Week!

by EdEN, Owner

The wait is almost over! GrimGrimoire OnceMore from NIS America lands next week on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on April 4. Come check it out!

Open the Grimoire once more with brand-new features to explore!
GrimGrimoire OnceMore brings the classic strategy adventure from Vanillaware into the present! Join aspiring mage Lillet Blan on her journey within the Silver Star Tower, a renowned academy for magicians. All is not what it seems inside the tower walls—mysteries, monsters, and menaces lurk about. Harness the power of magic to dispel the secrets hidden within the tower and discover the truth of the Silver Star Tower!

GrimGrimoire OnceMore Review - 1

GrimGrimoire OnceMore Review - 2

GrimGrimoire OnceMore Review - 3

GrimGrimoire OnceMore Review - 4

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