The Last Clockwinder Lands On PS VR2 Next Week

by EdEN, Owner

Indie dev Pontoco is hard at work on cozy sci-fi puzzler The Last Clockwinder which is releasing next week on February 22 on PlayStation VR2. Come check it out!

The Last Clockwinder is a puzzle automation game about making synchronized machines out of your own clones. Your mission is to repair the Clocktower: an ancient haven for the galaxy’s plants and seeds that’s fallen into disrepair.

The Last Clockwinder Review - 3

The Last Clockwinder Features:

Make clones of your actions. Effortlessly create clones by simply acting it out, and the clones will mimic your actions. Orchestrate a symphony of clones to work together to achieve efficient solutions to the Clockwinder’s tasks.

Creative puzzle-solving! You can work toward finding the most efficient solution to every task or create wondrous feats of creativity. There are infinite solutions to every puzzle. You can even make them play music or coordinate an elaborate secret handshake!

A touching story. Fully voice acted by AAA voice cast Cissy Jones (Firewatch), Ray Chase (Final Fantasy), and Caitlyn Elizabeth, you play as a young woman trying to save her childhood home from sinking into the ocean.

Share your solutions. Each puzzle can be solved differently, so we expect people will want to share their super efficient or whimsical solutions…Or just 20 clones dancing!

The Last Clockwinder Review - 2

The Last Clockwinder Review - 1

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