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Fashion Police Squad from No More Robots and Mopul Games is a fabulous FPS in which you must take care of the perps committing fashion crimes. Check our Fashion Police Squad review!

Fashion Police Squad from No More Robots and Mopul Games is a fabulous FPS in which you must take care of the perps committing fashion crimes. It’s a humorous take on the genre, since instead of having to defeat enemies with plenty of violence, you can work on grab your Belt of Justice and your Tailormade Sewing Machine to take on fashion crimes by making the most of your attire-enhancing gadgets. Your mission, should you accept it, is to take on the role of Sergeant Des who must patrol Trendopolis to fix all of the baggy pants, flip-flops with socks, and more fashion offenses.

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Each fashion crime must be taken care of in a different way, so you’ll have to be on high alert to use the right weapon for the job. Someone that is wearing a very baggy suit will be in great need of your fashion sense by way of the Tailormade Sewing Machine. Someone who is too drab and grey will need you to make the most of the 2DYE4 Carbine Elite and its colorful splashes.

The game can be played in one of four difficulty settings. I’m too Young to Dye offers a more relaxed experience for rookies who don’t have much experience with FPS and want to focus a bit more on the story. Fashion is my Passion offers the standard difficulty challenge, which makes for a fabulous experience for fashion enthusiasts. You Reap What you Sew bumps up the challenge for those who aren’t afraid of a faux pass here and there bringing their current run to a halt. The last one is Make Sure It’s Haute Couture, which will test all of your skills in full, because a single mistake can cost you dearly!

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Since this one is still an FPS at its core, you’ll control Sergeant Des with the left analog stick, as you look around and aim with the right analog stick. The Square button will be use for interacting, while the X button can be used for jumping. If you press in on the left analog stick, you’ll be able to crouch. Your weapon’s primary fire will be mapped to the R2 button, while the secondary fire will be mapped to the L2 button. To cycle between weapons, just press left or right on the D-Pad as needed. You can also open up the weapon wheel with the R1 button. The Triangle button can be used to reload your weapon when it’s running a bit low on ammo.

The trusty Belt of Justice is mapped to the L1 button, which will act as your melee attack. You can stun enemies with the the Belt of Justice so that you can have a chance to switch between weapons so that you can take on specific enemy types. The Belt of Justice – a.k.a. the BOJ – can also be charged up by pressing and holding down the L1 button, so that you can unleash a more powerful attack. The BOJ will also prove to be useful when you need to, say, crack open a box of mocktails so that you can drink them to heal your wounds.

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By pressing up on the D-Pad, you can activate your Fab Slap ability. Once active, aim at an enemy with the right analog stick and then press the R2 button to immediately dash towards it and perform a fabulous slap attack that will knock some sense into it! This ability won’t last for long, but it can make a big difference when you enter a crowded area where there are too many fashion faus pax to handle individually.

Sergeant Des can receive damage from the fashion mistakes walking all over the place, be that from a flying briefcase to the head from one of the many grey suit wearing 9 to 5 zombies, or a too flashy for his own good scooter riding bro running into him. This is why you should always keep an eye out for any mocktails you can find, since they can heal your hit points and boost your overall max health. Another way to help keep Sergeant Des in great shape is by collecting some swag that can boost his current armor rating, which will help to protect him from some damage.

Fashion Police Squad has a full trophy list for you to work on. The game is also a Cross-Buy release, so you can get two Platinum trophies in the end if you own a PlayStation 5 console. Each list includes 8 Bronze trophies, 7 Silver trophies, and 8 Gold trophies. If you want that Platinum, you’ll have to work on things such as completing all story missions, complete all challenges, find all secret posters, collect every piece of swag during a mission, or transform a Karen into a fashionista with the Tailormade and another with the Belt of Justice.

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Fashion Police Squad is a fabulous FPS in which you must take care of the perps committing fashion crimes. It’s a fun take on the genre that trades the violence for a colorful experience in which you’ll be using your weapons to fix the many fashion faux pas on each of the areas you’ll patrol. The game is out tomorrow with a $19.99 asking price, and since it’s a Cross-Buy title, your purchase will give you access to both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

This Fashion Police Squad review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by No More Robots.

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