[Nintendo Switch] Toree 2 Review

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Toree is back on Nintendo Switch with more 3D platforming action. Are you ready? Then check out our Toree 2 review!

Toree is back on Nintendo Switch with more 3D platforming action. After giving us Toree 3D, Siactro and Diplodocus Games have released the aptly titled sequel Toree 2. The last had nine stages to play through, and that’s also the case for Toree 2. This time around, the levels are Hidden Headquarters, Palmtree Paradise, Lunar Lasers, Pyro Palace, Sky Station, Sparkle Park, Dash Dimension, Torch Tower, and then the last one… It’s Home. You’ll also have to take on a boss battle before it’s all really over!

Toree 2 Review - 1

The sequel sorta expects you to have played Toree 3D before diving into Toree 2 since the difficulty starts right where the prequel left off. You’ll once again control Toree with the left analog stick and swing the camera around with the right one as needed so that you can align your view, so that you can nail all of the tricky platforming on offer. You can also use the L and R buttons to control the camera. Toree is a fast bird that can jump or double jump with the A or B button.

Toree 2 Review - Booster

Since speed is a big factor in this game, you can press and hold down the Y or ZR buttons to make Tore run so that you can shave some valuable seconds from your total for each level. There are special speed boosters in each level that you can go through to considerably increase Toree’s running speed. On top of that, going through one will also give Toree a small forcefield that will protect him while also allowing him to destroy any enemy that touches the forcefield.

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For each level that you play through, there are a series of stars to collect. That was also the case for Toree 3D, so if you got to 100% that one, you know what you’re getting into for Toree 2. The total number of stars to collect will be displayed on the upper left corner of the screen, along with how many stars you’ve already managed to collect. The timer will be on the upper right corner of the screen. And since there are many jumps during which a single mistake can send Toree down into a bottomless pit, you can activate checkpoints along the way to respawn at them.

Toree 2 Review - 2

Sequel Toree 2 gives us more of the same on Nintendo Switch while also bumping up the difficulty for this second 3D platformer. Along with the nine stages it offers – and the boss fight that you need to survive through – there are also some bonus levels to take on, but I’ll let you discover them on your own! The previous one was a bite-sized game, and that’s also the case for this sequel since you can beat all levels and collect all stars in an hour at most. There is some incentive to go back to levels to 100% them by collecting all stars and completing them as fast as possible to unlock additional characters. Toree 2 is out on Nintendo Switch with a low price of only $0.99.

This Toree 2 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Diplodocus Games.

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