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Rooftop Renegade from Melonhead Games is a fast-paced futuristic action platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more n our Rooftop Renegade review!

Rooftop Renegade from Melonhead Games is a fast-paced futuristic action platformer on Nintendo Switch. The evil Globacorp controls the future by creating portals through space and time, thanks to the power of mysterious time crystals. You’ll be taking on the role of Svetlana, who must dash through each area as she tries to escape. You’ll be jumping through neon-infused skyscrapers as you try to avoid being captured, all while gunners are aiming at you at all times. There are also hazards to avoid along the way that could end your run at any time. Svetlana’s plan is to use the techy she’s stolen – and fused with her hoverblades – to portal around and steal the crystals before Globacorp can get to them.

You can take on Rooftop Renegade in either Arcade Mode with hand-crafted levels as you try to stay one step ahead of the AI gunners. You can make good use of the always classic trial and error loop so that you can learn what works and does not work to progress further in each area. There’s also Generator Mode, where you can enter a seed and generate a custom level that can then be shared with your friends. On top of that, there’s Party Mode. For Party Mode, up to four players can join in, with one taking control of Svetlana and the other three acting as gunners. Then the roles will rotate so that each player can try to get the best score possible.

As mentioned by George from Melonhead Games in our interview when talking about the game’s development, Rooftop Renegade started as a prototype of the Party Mode part of the game back during the 2018 Global Game Jam – and yes, it’s really been a handful of years already! They realized that the overall concept was something they could expand on and polish here and there. The team then added single-player modes, the AI gunners, and the abilities that you’ll get to use during your time with Rooftop Renegade.

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Since Svetlana is always on the run, you will need to use the left analog stick or the D-Pad to skate around as you jump with the B button to avoid hazards and enemy gunfire, as you press the ZL button to dive down from your jump. If you keep it pressed, you’ll then be able to slide. You’ll also have access to some abilities, which you can check at all times at the top of the screen. As long as they’re all charged up, you can use them with the A, X, or ZR buttons as needed. Those abilities are Blink (A), Launch (X), and Boost (ZR). If you’re playing as a gunner in Party Mode, then you’ll aim with the left analog stick and shoot with the ZR button. There’s also a special you can activate with the B button when available.

As you play through each level, you’ll be collecting a ton of crystals to keep them away from Globacorp. These crystals will allow Svetlana to rank up, which will open up the chance to equip different hoverblades, which will add the aforementioned extra abilities. At the end of each level, you’ll be graded based on your performance. The more crystals you collect and the faster you are at completing a level, the bigger the bonus you’ll get. Once that’s factored in, you’ll be given your final grade.

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On top of helping Svetlana rank up, collecting crystals is also important since it helps to boost your crystal power level. Each crystal power level will instantly recharge all of your available abilities, and it will also speed up the recharge rate for them after you use them. The higher your crystal power, the better your odds of being able to avoid all of the hazards on your path, as well as to outsmart the AI gunners that are always waiting for you to make one mistake to capture you.

Rooftop Renegade is a fast-paced, futuristic action platformer that is a lot of fun to play on Nintendo Switch. It certainly has some autorunner vibes, but it certainly feels different since you’re able to control Svetlana with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as she jumps to avoid obstacles, grinds on rails, and boosts to avoid hazards and the attacks from AI gunners to make it to the end to teleport to the next area in one piece. And once you complete a level, you can always go back to replay it as you take on your ghost to try and beat your previous best time. Rooftop Renegade is out tomorrow on Nintendo Switch with a $17.99 asking price. Can you S rank all stages and help Svetlana save the world?

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This Rooftop Renegade review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Melonhead Games.

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