Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide

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Do you want to get a new Platinum trophy for your collection? Then you should check out our Wings of Bluestar Trophy Guide!

Wings of Bluestar from eastasiasoft and Shinu Real Arts is a story-driven shoot ‘em up on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. For this one, you’ll use the left analog stick or the D-Pad to move around the screen. The ship will move at a faster pace if you’re not holding down the attack button. Speaking of which, you’ll attack with the X button and can autofire by holding down the Triangle button. If you have equipped turrets, you can rotate them with the L2 and R2 buttons. Depending on which ship you’re piloting, pressing the Circle button for the special will either send the shield flying forward or unleash a power beam you’ll first have to charge up.

Along with the shoot ‘em up action, the game will also have some visual novel-style sections during which you’ll get to learn more about the characters, but since you’re here for trophy hunting purposes, you can skip Story Mode and dive straight into Arcade Mode to speed up the whole process. By doing this, you could end up with a new Platinum trophy in as little as 20 minutes.

While playing as Zarak for your trophy run might initially make more sense given his higher damage rate and the speed of his ship, Aya is the one you want to choose. A fully powered Aya can destroy anything in her path, and her shield option at the front of your ship is a must since it will make completing each level – and defeating each boss – a breeze. Having said that, here’s the order in which you should see the trophies pop on your end.

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 1

No Mercy
Kill the first enemy of stage 1.

As soon as you start the first level in the game, shoot and destroy the first worm-like enemy that pops into the screen.

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 2

Git Gud
Everyone dies…Once.

Just crash into an enemy or be hit by a bullet and you’ll get this trophy.

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 3

Spaceman I
Collect 5,000 Risk Stars.

See Spaceman III

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 4

Spaceman II
Collect 10,000 Risk Stars.

See Spaceman III

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 5

Spaceman III
Collect 20,000 Risk Stars.

The trophy descriptions for this set is a bit off. Every Risk Star that you collect will give you 100 Risk Points, which are the in-game currency for unlocking an additional gameplay mode, a gallery, a sound test, and more. That means that for this trio of trophies, you’ll have to collect enough Risk Stars to have 20,000 Risk Points. Yes, you can spend your Risk Points to unlock extra content, but you might as well wait until you have your Platinum.

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 6

Patema Fan I
Collect 5 Patema items.

See Patema Fan III

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 7

Patema Fan II
Collect 20 Patema items.

See Patema Fan III

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 9

Patema Fan III
Collect 40 Patema items.

Patema are the rectangular items that have a colorful image on them. By collecting six of them in a stage, you’ll be rewarded with some extra Risk Stars after beating the boss. Just collect all that you run into, since there are more than six of them in each level. Once you grab the 40th one, the trophy will pop.

Explorer I
Clear stage 1 at any difficulty level.

You’ll get this one after destroying the boss at the end of the first stage. As long as you get there with a fully powered Aya, you should beat the boss in 5 seconds. And while you’re fighting against it…

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 10

Risky Life
Collect your first hidden Risk Star.

Hidden Risk Stars will sometimes pop up after getting rid of an enemy bullet, hence the hidden in there. The easiest spot on which I got this was during the battle with the first boss. Just keep shooting and try to use the shield option to destroy bullets and a hidden Risk Star will pop up.

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 11

Explorer II
Clear stage 2 at any difficulty level.

Beat the second boss and the trophy will pop. As was the case for the previous boss, just be sure to have Aya fully powered up and with a shield option so that the its bullet hell attacks are useless.

Wings Of Bluestar Trophy Guide - 12

Explorer III
Clear stage 3 at any difficulty level.

Defeat the third boss in the game, and the Explorer III trophy will be yours. Repeat the same strategy as before using Aya’s shield option to protect you from its attacks. Shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds.

And once you’ve taken care of that, the next trophy to pop will be…

Wings of Victory
Unlock all other trophies

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