Trenches On Its Way To Consoles

by EdEN, Owner

First-person survival horror game Trenches from Ratalaika Games and Steelkrill Studio will launch on consoles on January 20. Come check it out!

Enter a World War 1 first-person horror survival game where you have to survive and escape the harsh war-torn environment of the year 1917. Experience the war from the eyes of a soldier caught behind enemy lines.

Explore the real chilling story as you navigate the horrors of battle, equipped with only your senses and a trench whistle. Find clues to better understand the enemy trenches without being caught and return to safety and your family.

The game relies on sounds and hearings, as you are equipped with a ‘Trench Whistle’ which you can use. When it’s used, it will play a sound and you need to follow the sound, however – you have to be careful as the enemy can hear the whistle too and it can give out your position easily. Enemies will also be able to hear if you run, if you break anything, or even if you walk on wood as it will make a creaking noise.

A HARDCORE objective-finding type first-person psychological horror survival game experience about finding and collecting clues to escape the Trenches, with gut-wrecking moments and randomized locations for clues on each take.

Trenches Review - 4

Trenches Features:

* Hardcore gameplay: A hardcore survival horror game where there is only 1 save.

* Randomized locations for clues.

* An enemy that mimics the voices of your loved ones.

* Hiding System: Hide from the enemies in narrow trench passageways and under beds.

* Insanity. The environment may change with your sanity.

* Throw bottles and objects to distract the enemies and evade them.

* Trench Whistle to tell you where you need to go next, but the enemy can also hear it.

* Inventory system and a picture of your family, to remind you to come back home.

* Interact with items and objects which can be helpful and provide you tips.

* Mind your stamina, if you get tired then you cannot outrun your enemies.

We’ll be working on a review for Trenches from Ratalaika Games and Steelkrill Studio, so be sure to stick around at!

Trenches Review - 3

Trenches Review - 2

Trenches Review - 1

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