[PlayStation 5] Last Days of Lazarus Review

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Last Days of Lazarus from GrimTalin and Darkania Works is a dark narrative-driven adventure game on PS5. Learn more in our Last Days of Lazarus review!

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Last Days of Lazarus from GrimTalin and Darkania Works is a dark narrative-driven adventure game on PS5. This is a Rated M for Mature experience, as you’ll confirm as soon as you boot up the game and you see a dead rabbit in front of you… which has been gutted. You’ll take on the role of the titular Lazarus. After a distressing phone call from your sister about your mother, who requests that you please come back home, you tell her that you’re too busy with your current job and can’t make it. Unfortunately, your mother ends up taking her own life.

After being long estranged from your family, you return to your childhood home after your mother’s death to try and spend some time with your sister, Lyudmila. As soon as you get there, you can immediately tell that something is certainly off. Your journey beings there, in a house in a country in a post-soviet Eastern Europe, a country inspired by post-communist Romania. Since the last job didn’t go so well – thus forcing you to remain low for a bit – you start to try and unravel what is really going on.

Once you gain control, you’ll move your character with the left analog stick as you swing the camera around as needed with the right one. You can run if you press and hold down the R2 button. Since the game is played from a first-person perspective, you can press and hold down the L2 button to zoom to get a better look at things. The X button can be used to interact with objects. Anything useful that you find will be added to your inventory, which you can review by pressing the Triangle button. You can also use the D-Pad to check your items, read documents, or view the collectibles you’ve found by pressing left, up, or right, respectively.

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Along with the jump scares – which are to be expected from a game of this nature. You’ll run into some lite puzzles to solve. Without spoiling this short experience, I’ll mention the first one that you’ll have to take care of since it’s a simple one. You must find a key that is needed to open a door that will allow you to go further in the house. You can’t find it, and when you seem to have located it, the light bulb on the lamp explodes. You then need to go find a new one in a nearby room – the one where your mother took her life – to then allow the lamp to light the previous room so that you can find the key inside of a suitcase.

Yes, there are plenty of items for you to find in this one, with 29 documents in total, 16 items labeled by the game as collectibles, not to mention some interactions that you need to work on if you want to add a new Platinum trophy to your collection. That’s right, the game has a full trophy list that is split into 20 Bronze trophies, 13 Silver trophies, and 4 Gold trophies. There are trophies awarded for progressing through the game, but the vast majority of trophies require that you find all documents and collectibles and complete the special interactions. Since there are several missable trophies, you might want to check out this Last Days of Lazarus Trophy Guide.

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Last Days of Lazarus is a dark narrative-driven adventure game set in a country in a post-soviet Eastern Europe, which is inspired by post-communist Romania. It takes a supernatural twist as soon as you step into your late mother’s home. It’s a game that won’t be for everyone due to its gruesome nature and the otherwise laidback and linear gameplay loop. Depending on your experience with similar games, you’re going to spend 4-5 hours to see everything the game has to offer. Last Days of Lazarus is out on PlayStation 5 with a $19.99 asking price.

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This Last Days of Lazarus review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by GrimTalin.

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