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Sucker for Love: First Date from DreadXP and Akabaka is a Lovecraftian horror dating sim experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Sucker for Love: First Date review!

Sucker for Love: First Date from DreadXP and Akabaka is a Lovecratian horror dating sim experience on Nintendo Switch. It’s based on the smaller Sucker for Love, a game jam project that has now been expanded into a full-fledged dating sim visual novel experience. You’ll be tasked with completing a series of occult rituals to summon the Eldritch terrors and please the Goddesses, for a horror experience showcased with a very colorful art style and presentation, down to the bright-pink Necronomicon you use for the rituals.

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As for the three Goddesses you’ll be summoning and interacting with? They are Ln’eta (based on the classic Elder God Cthulhu), Estir (based on Hastur, The Unspeakable One, who happens to be Cthulhu’s half-brother), and Nyanlathotep (based on the Outer God Nyarlathotep). Sucker for Love: First Date features full voice acting, which means the Lovecraftian ladies feature the talents of Michaela Laws as Ln’eta, Kaily Mills as Estir, and Lani Mainella as Nyanlathotep.

This one is not going to be for everyone given the source material – and everything surrounding H.P. Lovecraft himself. While the game does not go into Rated M for Mature territory, there is some gore to consider. Why, you might ask? Well, because in order to summon each of the three Goddesses and to perform the other rituals for each chapter, your character will need to make some sacrifices… you’ll literally have to sacrifice some of your body parts! It’s all to be able to get your character some smooches.

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The choices you make in Sucker for Love: First Date will mater, since there’s more than one ending to obtain for each of the game’s three chapters. There are 10 endings in total for you to unlock during your time with this Lovecraftian horror dating sim experience. You can unlock four of them during the first chapter in the game, another four endings while playing through the second chapter in the game, and the last pair of endings will be available to you during the third and final chapter.

Since this is a dating sim experience with a dash of visual novel, to be able to find the Eldritch Goddess that popped into your dreams you’ll move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick, as you interact with objects or characters with the A button. To check the left and right sides of a location, you can either click on the arrows on each side of the screen, or use the right analog stick. Any items that you collect will be added to your inventory, which you can check by pressing the L button. If you ever need to check what your current objective is, you can move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and click on the arrow to check the list of things for you to do. You can also play the game by using the touchscreen when playing this one in Portable or Tabletop Mode, or if playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

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To give you an idea of what you’ll be doing during your time with this one, you will need to complete the list of objectives needed to first perform the special summoning ritual for each of the Goddesses by following what the pink Necronomicon has to say. For example, to summon Ln’eta you’ll have to draw the curtains in your room, turn off the bedside lamp, the overhead lights, and grab the Cthulhu mask, the special pendant, the robe for the ritual, a pet turtle for the sacrifice, and some mystery liquid. Once you have everything, it will be time to draw a symbol and slowly complete the summoning chant.

Sucker for Love: First Date is a Lovecraftian horror dating sim experience with three chapters that will have you trying to date three Goddesses based on Cthulhu, Hastur, and Nyarlathotep. Do you have what it takes to sacrifice parts of you to complete the rituals required to get a smooch from them? You’ll spend around 3-4 hours completing all of the game’s chapters, as you summon and charm the Eldritch Goddesses. Sucker for Love: First Date is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

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This Sucker for Love: First Date review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by DreadXP.

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