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Scrap Riders from Microids and Games for Tutti is a beat ‘em up adventure game in a cyberpunk future. Learn more in our Scrap Riders review!

Scrap Riders from Microids and Games for Tutti is a beat ‘em up adventure game in a cyberpunk future. You’ll be taking on the role of Rast, a member of an outlaw biker gang known as the titular Scrap Riders. With the evil conglomerate ruling everything, the only way you can be free is by living in the wastelands. Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources, so you’ll have to work hard to make ends meet.

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Your goal is to complete a series of tasks and get rid of rival gangs to be able to build up your street cred with the Scrap Riders. With your motorcycle by your side, you’ll travel from location to location, searching for this or that item, interacting with the NPC during old-school-style adventure game sections as you find the right thing to get the job done. And then there are the beat ‘em up segments that help to change the game’s pace.

You’ll control Rast with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as he moves through each area and interacts with objects or characters with the A button. As you approach any point of interest, it will be highlighted for you so that you can easily see what you can and can’t interact with. Once you do, a set of icons will pop up so that you can observe with the X button, use or take something with the A button, talk with the Y button, or cancel out with the B button. Any items that you find will be added to your inventory, which you can check with the X button.

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What types of puzzles will you run into during your time with Scrap Riders? As to not spoil things too much, please allow me to discuss the earliest puzzle in the game! After waking up with a huge hangover from a night of partying, Rast decides that the best course of action is to play some Super Street Kombat. The VR console is nearby, but it’s missing the Super Street Kombat cartridge. On top of that, you also need to find an adapter to play it… because reasons.

The cartridge can be found in the lower-left corner of the screen. The adapter is stored in a compartment behind a small metal curtain, but you’ll first need to find the password to open it. The good news is that your best friend, your attractive and interesting pal Rast – who hadn’t had a single drop of booze – wrote it for you on a note that is taped to the door of your place. Once you grab the adapter and the cartridge, open up your inventory and press the Y button to combine them. After that’s been taken care of, you’ll be able to interact with the VR console to get your game on.

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After booting up Super Street Kombat 4, you’ll be able to take the whole beat ‘em up side of the game for a spin since the VR game will act as the fighting tutorial for Scrap Riders. Rast’s life bar will be located at the upper left corner of the screen. Below it is the special bar that you need to fill up as you defeat enemies and receive damage. Once it’s full, you can unleash a special attack with the ZR button. The special attack can be used while on the ground or up in the air. The Y button will be for launching fast attacks, while the A button will be for stronger attacks. You can mix and match button presses to perform combos.

By double tapping up or down, Rast will quickly move in said direction, thus allowing him to dodge an attack. If you double tapping left or right, Rast will run. If you press the Y or A buttons while running, Rast will use a dash attack. If you press the Y button while jumping, Rast will do a jumping punch. If, on the other hand, you press the A button, Rast will do a jump kick. The X button can be used for picking up items from the floor. If you grab some bullets, you’ll be able to use your gun to attack enemies from a safe distance by pressing the ZL button.

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Scrap Riders is an interesting mix of the classic point and click adventure game formula and a simple but satisfying beat ‘em up gameplay that helps to keep things feeling fresh. As you try to make ends meet in its futuristic cyberpunk world, taking on rival gangs and completing this and that objective, you’ll start to uncover the truth about what is really going on with all of the stolen cargo. Scrap Riders is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 asking price.

This Scrap Riders review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Microids.

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