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Sail Forth from Festive Vector and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild is a cozy game in which you’ll command a sailing fleet. Learn more in our Sail Forth review!

Sail Forth from Festive Vector and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild is a cozy game in which you’ll command a sailing fleet. The game got a surprise launch at the end of 2022 during the Inside the House of Indies event. Your journey begins when the Northstar contacts you about your upcoming adventure through the Deepblue. You are tasked with gathering thee bold and beleaguered who are sailing through the stormy seas, so that you can find the lost answers of the Everhorizon. You’ll find yourself in a tiny vessel where Captain Toot is trying to sort things out.

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Once you’re sailing, you’ll steer your ship with the left analog stick as you increase or decrease your speed as needed with the A and B buttons, respectively. You can also pull your sails in or let your sails out with the L and R buttons. The right analog stick will be used to move the camera around your ship. If you need to aim and shoot your weapons, this can be done by pressing the ZL button and then the ZR button. You can also toggle your harpoon with the X button. To zoom in and out, just press the ZR button. The game also offers a photo mode for you to take pictures of your time with Sail Forth.

Pressing the X button will open up the radial menu. From there you’ll be able to check the area map, the world map, your current cargo, as well as review your fleet management. It’s from there that you’ll be able to check each boat currently under your command. You’ll be able to make the most of the different weapons for each ship – with more than 40 weapons – as well as the 20 ships that Sail Forth has to offer.

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The game will immediately send you into a short tutorial segment where you’ll get to learn the basics. Along with learning how to sail, you’ll also learn about gathering materials to improve your vessels so that you can stand a chance. Your first task will be to gather some Wooden Planks so that you can fix your current starting tiny ship. Just sail West and you’ll find what you need… along with a blueprint! What will you do with that new find? You’ll build a better vessel!

The content will be split into six distinct island biomes, from icy regions to ancient ruins that have certainly seen better days. They will offer sidequests for you to complete so that you can collect more resources to keep the cycle going. You can upgrade and modify your ships armament so that you can stand a chance against the dastardly pirates you will find during your adventure. Locate a Skull Clan base and defeat all enemies so that you can conquer it and gain access to its loot.

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To make the most of your journey with Sail Forth, you’ll need to keep in mind that to sail properly, you’ll have to use the wind to your advantage. Sailing against the wind currents is far from ideal and a foolish plan. Don’t try to take the shortest path, but the one that can best favor your trip. You should also consider if there are any potential battles to survive through along the way. Your cannons can help to get the job done, as long as you have enough gunpowder for them! Each cannon type will have a different amount of gunpowder it will need, as well as different damage output, reload speed, max angle and shooting range.

There are several accessibility and gameplay configuration options to make it possible for as many people to enjoy Sail Forth as possible. You can enable tilt steering for motion controls, change camera sensitivity, enable or disable rumble, and change the field of view. There’s also the possibility of enabling auto sail, activating the colorblind mode option, and enabling or disabling the toggle to aim or to reverse. And since you will discover new locations during your journey, you’ll be able to use the world map to fast travel between each area for an easier time!

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Sail Forth is a cozy and chill experience in which you’ll be sailing through the vast sea in search of the resources and crew needed to make the most of the vessels under your command. Explore each of the different biomes and complete the many sidequests on offer as you improve your vessels. Can you find all the secrets that the Deepblue has to offer? And if you just want to move through the sea and sail onto the horizon without any worries, you can dive into Free Sail Mode. Sail Forth is available on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 asking price.

This Sail Forth review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild.

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