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Papetura from Feardemic and Petums is a gorgeous hand-crafted point and click adventure game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Papetura review!

Papetura from Feardemic and Petums is a gorgeous hand-crafted point and click adventure game on Nintendo Switch. Indie developer Petums – a.k.a. Tomasz Ostafin – was inspired by point and click adventure games such as the 1996 critically acclaimed The Neverhood and the now classic 2009 adventure Machinarium, along with studio Ghibli movies and a fascination with architecture and microbiology, to develop a bite-sized atmospheric experience that is worth checking out on Nintendo’s console.

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He was aided by Floex, who worked on the game’s music, and by Jujaj Mravec, who worked on the sound effects for Papetura. It’s a small project from a small team, but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on it! As you can see from the development video below, everything you see in Papetura was first drawn by hand on paper and then crafted into the different locations that you’ll visit. This is why the game has a very distinct look and feel to it that helps it stand out among other point and click adventure games.

As for Papetura’s story, you’ll be taking on the role of the titular Pape, who is joined by Tura. With their house in danger of burning down, you’ll go on an adventure to try and find a solution to their predicament. Since their entire world – and themselves – is made of paper, fire is a very serious threat! The game’s story is told by way of animations and sounds, without any dialogue.

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You’ll control Pape with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as he walks around each area. The A button can be used to interact with objects or other characters. The right analog stick can be used to aim a small cocoon from which it can launch small moths that can be used to hit objects that are too far for Pape to interact with them directly. If you’re having some trouble remembering what to do next, then all you’ll need to do is press the X button. This will allow you to enter a short mini-game where you’ll be able to quickly earn a hint.

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Papetura is a gorgeous and charming point and click adventure game. It makes great use of the HD Rumble for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to punctuate each action. You can complete it in a couple of hours at most, which makes it an excellent one to play between longer ones. It’s a game that all adventure game fans should check out on the console. Papetura is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

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This Papetura review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Feardemic.

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