New Casino Games for Playstation 5

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With new technological trends, gaming consoles are now the optimal method of getting intense excitement and entertainment. The recent adaptations for online casino games that have become part of the Playstation 5 only prove this fact.

PlayStation 5 is the latest console in the series and the most popular of the various consoles in the market. Released in 2020, this 9th-generation video console is now present in many countries, including Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, etc.

We’ve got you if you’re looking for new casino titles to play on your PS5. Our list includes some of the best casino games on PS5 from top software providers. Each of them comes with the best themes, designs, and game mechanics for players.

Most Impressive Casino PS5 Games in 2022

If you’re a fan of online gambling, then slot machines are no strangers to you. The fact that they are now available on mobile makes it more enticing. Besides, many software suppliers now offer specific bonuses when you wager on games using your smartphone. These games have been on the updated list of new online casinos with top features for Austrian players who enjoy gaming much. Each of them offers amazing titles in addition to our recommendations.

High Roller Casino

First on the list is the High Roller Casino, which comes in the form of a pinball table. For one, this is one of the best casino games on PS5, with unique designs and visuals. Maybe you can add the audio effects too. Yet, it describes perfectly every other night at a retail casino in Las Vegas.

As the name implies, it is a mini-casino environment with a series of small games. You will find titles like slot machines, poker tables, or roulette wheels to spin. Its colourful and intriguing effects only goers to say your fun time at this game may never end. This includes gameplay that carries 3D graphics. Playing this game may keep you in one position for hours.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Four Kings Casino and Slots is not a new member to the PlayStation family. Its relevance has been on since the time of PS4 and remains relevant for PS5. Hence, it is one of the top gaming titles we can recommend.

Its game style follows a multiplayer rule, offering incredible opportunities for everyone to play. One remarkable feature is that you can choose an avatar from a stream of options that look real. This stimulation will make you feel like you’re at a retail casino establishment. Other key features available here include a chat room to communicate with other players.

The games here vary, and you can use the casino’s chips to play titles like roulette, slots, baccarat, bingo, and blackjack in demo mode. You can still go on to purchase more, though, if you want. Other items you can buy include avatars, skins, and emotes. Win more, and more challenges will be unlocked. This includes the VIP club.

RDR2 Poker

RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) Poker is another top variety of casino games on PS5 you don’t want to miss out on for your console. Here, you get more than just playing for the fun and excitement of casino gaming. One unique feature of this GAME is how the gameplay offers more complicated rounds as you upgrade, and it’s packed with action. It was first released in 2018, with a story written in 1899.

Now, amid the gameplay, you will find the poker mini-table. Mastering this part will give you chances for more money to go on whatever missions you want. This poker table is part of what makes this game unique. The game’s rules remain the same, and you may need a pre-existing idea of how poker works to wager and win. For RDR2, there are many towns where players can settle to play poker. Take the avatar of Arthur, and you can gather funds as you move through the villages.


This fun casino game has an excellent multiplayer function you can use for your PS. Besides, Dominoes is also available on Red Dead Redemption 2, which makes it more exciting. However, to play and win, you need a good idea of the game mechanics and some winning strategies.

Since this is also in-game on RDR2, the gameplay is easy, and the bet range is small. You only need a minimum of $2 to wager and compete against other opponents. There are also lone challenges to play. Win and increase your ranks. Dominoes are available in RDR2 at the following towns: Blackwater, Emerald Ranch, Emerald Station, and Saint-Denis.

Five Finger Fillet

RDR2 is the gift that keeps giving in PS5, and one of them is Five Finger Fillet. This is one of the PS5 casino games available in a virtual mode, featuring dangerous play. Here, you will have to learn how to jam a knife quickly through a player’s fingers.

This title is complicated, and you will need the relevant skills if you’re looking to thrive. Besides, how are your coordination tactics? You will need them to prevent stabbing your avatar by mistake. You can play Five Finger Fillet on Valentine, the city of Strawberry, and the Van Horn Trading Post.

Summing Up

There are still many other casino games on PS5 to try out. However, our list contains games with the willpower, thrill, and adventure you’ll need on this console. One thing you will love about PS5 is its ability to provide real-life options to you. Now, for a quick suggestion, RDR2 Poker is our top choice. It will inspire you to learn basic poker rules, and playing and winning offers you quick, reliable money.

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