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by Tracey

Blacktail from THE PARASIGHT and Focus Entertainment is a first-person dark fairy tale with a dash of horror. Check our Blacktail review!

Hello everybody. We are now just a few days away from Christmas! I hope you all are almost done with your Christmas shopping for another year. Why not take five minutes, make a cup of coffee, and sit down to take a look at our review for the first-person dark fairy tale experience Blacktail from THE PARASIGHT and Focus Entertainment?

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In Blacktail, you play as a reclusive young girl named Baba Yaga, a witch that hides behind a mask. Baba Yaga’s sister Zora, whom she was very reliant on, suddenly disappeared without a trace, along with several children from the village! Baba Yaga decides to leave the safety of her confine in search of her sister Zora and the other village children that are missing. The game judges you based on your actions. Be as good as you want or be as bad as you like, and the choices you make will affect how the story plays out. On her travels around the game world, Baba Yaga carries a bow with limited arrows, which you can increase via the skill tree.

If you choose the good path, this will allow you to collect more materials, which is the harder gameplay choice. By going down the evil path, you can heal up better, so being pure evil is actually the easier playthrough of the two. But whichever route you choose will give you an ending for that path, so to see everything, the game offers two playthroughs as the minimum required to see everything on offer.

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You can do a lot of crafting in Blacktail. You can collect the required materials you need without harming your moral stance, but there is an easier way to harvest the materials you need. But if you want to follow the good path, using easier methods will absolutely ruin that for you. I chose to follow the good path, and I found what I needed out in the wild without killing anything. Yes, it was a much harder path, and it took longer to find new things to craft with and upgrade my skill tree. The only thing I could do without ruining my moral stance was to kill certain types of animals for food which I could cook thanks to a mini-game by the campfire.

As you progress, you will be able to craft other types of arrows. The crafting mechanic is as simple as two button presses, so you can’t get any better than that. To fill out your skill tree, some of the nodes require the correct number of ingredients, while others require that you find a skill page. There are magic skills you can use, but me being the forgetful soul that I am, I had forgotten how to perform those magic skills! I decided to look in the menu for a tutorials section so that I could review the required information and relearn things… but there was nothing there. Weird, right?

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The game is very much an open world experience, and there is no minimap, so you need to consult the map frequently to make sure you are on the right path at all times. Sure, you can go off the beaten path and explore, and you’ll find materials and collectibles in the form of a small owl sitting on trees. Shooting it with your arrows gives you witty comments with each owl collected. You will face off against a slew of bosses as the story progresses, and they are quite a challenge! Once you beat a boss, you are treated to a 2.5D portion of the game, which gives you more backstory on Baba Yaga.

The game’s trophy list includes 13 Bronze trophies, 15 Silver trophies, and 4 Gold trophies, which means it has a Platinum trophy waiting for you! These trophies will pop once you collect all recipes, complete all sidequests, brew every skill of a single Hex type, locate every totem, collect a bunch of teeth – yes, teeth – and complete a wide variety of quests and story-related objectives. It’s not going to be a short run, but it’s going to be an interesting one!

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Blacktail is a mix of Slavic folklore and creepy horror vibes with RPG mechanics. Blacktail took me a while to begin to enjoy since I felt that the story was a bit of a slow burn. But once things get going, you’ll be ready to dive into an interesting experience on PlayStation 5. The game is out with a $29.99 asking price.

This Blacktail review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Focus Entertainment.

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