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Lil Gator Game from Playtonic Friends and MegaWobble is a charming old-school infused 3D experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Lil Gator Game review!

Lil Gator Game from Playtonic Friends and MegaWobble is a charming old-school infused 3D experience on Nintendo Switch. It tells the tale of the titular character and his sister, who are just looking to have a fun time in an open world setting. Your adventure will begin after your big sis realizes that the two of you don’t need to way for the single-player Legend of Hero to release since you can just work on your own big journey by finding a sword and a shield… right? Oh, and you also need a hat. Duh!

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Time has now passed, and your big sis is back home for a bit but is actually very busy trying to complete some assignments for school. Since she’s currently hard at work on that project, you might as well get started with this one on your own! You’ll get to explore a colorful and chill island where you can make some new friends as you complete some quests here and there. Be sure to search high and low so that you can find the different arts and crafts supplies that can help you complete projects to decorate each area or to unlock new abilities! You can take on this one as is with its smooth minimalist presentation, or you can go into the settings menu and make everything feel fuzzier and chunkier.

Your friends will help you gamify the whole island so that you can put the decorations you all made to good use, all in an attempt to get big sis interested in playing the game with you. Avery will be in charge of the quest for you to obtain your hero hat. Martin will be handling the one for the shield. Jill will be the one in charge of the quest for the mighty hero sword. Once that’s ready, you’ll have to find them so that you can then complete whatever quest it is they have prepared for you so that you can become the legendary hero of legend.

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You’ll control your character with the left analog stick as you move the camera as needed with the right one. The B button will be for jumping, while the Y button will be for interacting with items or other characters. Once you find the sword – which is represented by a stick – you’ll be able to slash at cardboard enemies with the A button. Obtain the shield, and you’ll be able to ride it downhill by pressing the X button. The – button will allow you to access your inventory, where you can take a look at what you’ve managed to collect so far and what projects you can work on to craft some wonderful stuff.

You’ll first explore the smaller island that you start in, which will serve as the game’s tutorial. The confetti and cardboard that you collect can be used as currency to trade for, say, a mighty power bracelet to climb over obstacles. Your stamina will be low at first, so you won’t be able to climb that much, but it will certainly help you climb up a tree here and there or go over a small wall. The mysterious merchant that sold you that first bracelet can be found elsewhere. Manage to find the merchant, and you’ll be able to purchase another bracelet to boost your stamina!

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As mentioned before, you’ll also use the repurposed confetti and cardboard you obtain from defeating cardboard enemies – be they slimes, skeletons, sentient rocks, or vegetables with sharp teeth – or from other sources to craft some items. The first proper item you’ll have to craft will be the hero hat since Avery completely forgot about it! After that, you’ll need to search for new projects to create. Save someone, and you’ll be able to then create a slime cap. Help someone else, and you’ll get the idea of building a cardboard spear!

Lil Gator Game is a charming old-school infused 3D experience that is inspired by games such as The Legend of Zelda – hero all clad in green who uses a sword and shield to battle enemies – while also paying homage to franchises like Ace Attorney – yes, really. You’ll end up spending a handful of hours exploring the starting island and the big island as you befriend all the NPCs, aiding some of them to find what they’ve lost or save them from the cardboard monsters that are attacking them – or destroying the pots that haunt them! Lil Gator Game is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 asking price.

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This Lil Gator review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Playtonic Friends.

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