Colossal Cave Out Next Month

by EdEN, Owner

Colossal Cave from Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams will be launching on consoles on January 19, 2023. Come check it out!

Colossal Cave Reimagined by Roberta Williams, is an exciting new action-adventure game from the founders of Sierra On-Line, Ken and Roberta Williams. Roberta Williams, the acclaimed creator of the King’s Quest series, Phantasmagoria, and numerous other critically lauded adventure games returns to the fold of game creation, paying homage to the original text-based computer adventure game that inspired her to begin her own career as a game designer, Colossal Cave Adventure by Will Crowther and Don Woods.

Immerse yourself in the world of Colossal Cave, explore its vast caverns and vistas, seek the diverse treasures within, and encounter both friends and foes in your quest to explore this mysterious and wonderful locale.
Think you can survive the Colossal Cave?

Colossal Cave Features:

Scenic landscapes with hidden secrets

Miles of caves, caverns, and crawl to work your way through. With over 15 distinct areas to explore in the Colossal Cave

Difficult puzzles for those looking for a challenge

Colossal Cave Review - 4

Colossal Cave Review - 3

Colossal Cave Review - 2

Colossal Cave Review - 1

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