The Letter Classic Edition Out On PS4

by EdEN, Owner

TreeFall Studios has launched The Letter Classic Edition, a de-make revamped take on the Nintendo Wii U cult classic. Come check it out!

The Letter: Classic Edition is the ORIGINAL experience from the classic title “The Letter”, with a few changes and additions. Relive the experience with the game that gathered so much hate it became a cult classic with a uniquely passionate following.

Embark on a creepy narrative driven tale about a boy in search of his missing father. It all begins when he receives a mysterious letter.

The game features hints of psychological horror while mostly utilizing walking simulator type of game play. For fans of horror titles or scary games, this is a piece of history you cannot miss. Game is suited for younger audiences unable to play more mature horror titles.

The Letter Classic Edition Review - 1

The Letter Classic Edition Features:

– A Graphics “De-make” – New Old School Retro Art-style that enhances the original experience.

– Improvements made to Atmospheric Effects – Improved particle systems, fog, and post processing effects.

– UI Overhaul – New Pause Screen and functionality updates.

– A few new interactive elements added to the game.

– Major bug fixes.

We’ll be working on a review for The Letter Classic Edition from TreeFall Studios, so be sure to stick around at!

The Letter Classic Edition Review - 4

The Letter Classic Edition Review - 3

The Letter Classic Edition Review - 2

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