Super Chicken Jumper Trophy Guide

by EdEN, Owner

Do you want to get the Platinum trophy for Super Chicken Jumper as fast as possible? Then check out our Super -Chicken Jumper Trophy Guide!

Since this is an autoruner, you’ll control the chicken with the left analog stick as you jump with the X or L2 buttons and aim your long-range weapons with the right analog stick while attacking with the Square and R2 buttons. You can also obtain extra items and weapons as you progress through Super Chicken Jumper. There’s a hat that can allow you to jump higher, as well as items for a double jump, a jetpack, and more! The weapons include, for instance, a knife, a boomerang, a pistol, and a mighty – but slow – katana.

Trophy-wise, this one is from eastasiasoft and that means there’s a Platinum trophy in your future. And to make it even better for trophy hunters, it’s a Cross-Buy title, so if if you own a PlayStation 5, you can work on adding both Platinum trophies to your collection! The list is a short one since it has the 1 Silver trophy along with 11 Gold trophies. There’s a short grind for some trophies, but overall, this one should take 30-40 minutes at most for your first full trophy run.

What will you need to do for that Platinum trophy? You have to beat the first three bosses in the game, die 50, 100, and 200 times, destroy 250, 500, and 1,000 obstacles, and survive for 15, 30, and 60 seconds in the Endless Mode. Check out our tips below!

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The easiest and fastest trophies to unlock are for defeating the first three bosses in Story Mode, and since you need to defeat the first two bosses to unlock the first sets of levels in Challenge Mode and Endless Mode, you might as well take care of it right away!

Wrong Castle
Chicken saved the farm.

Since you will only have the one weapon, this is the more tedious of all three boss fights. You will need to use your knife with the Square or R2 button to hit back the bubbles the zombie fish blows your way from the right side of the screen. It will blow two bubbles at a time, so as long as you manage to hit both back each time, you will need to repeat this 5 times.

The Zombie fish has three attacks: jumping out of the water in a vertical pattern, jumping out of the water in an arc while dropping a lot of water on top of you, or rushing left and right near the bottom of the screen.

Witch Hunt
Chicken saved the forest.

The second boss is the witch. It will raise its arms and harness energy to launch a wave that will move through the ground level. It will also launch some seeds that will grow into thorns that will rush out of the ground. The other attack it has will make thorns grow on the left side of the screen while unleashing a strong gust of wind from the right side, thus pushing you towards the thorns.

The best weapon for taking on this boss is the boomerang, since you can throw it and hit the witch twice with each attack – as long as you’re close enough!

Like a Breeze
Chicken saved the north pole.

The last of the bosses you need to defeat is the mighty wolf. It also has three attacks you need to keep in mind. It will launch a red beam from the sky, which will make a huge cluster of red crystals pop from the ground. It can also jump and launch clusters of three red crystals at three different angles from the bottom to the top, and then back from the top to the bottom. For its third attack, it will launch two red crystals at the bottom and the top of the screen, followed by a red crystal through the middle of the screen. It will repeat this twice.

The best weapon for this battle is the pistol, since you can constantly attack it from a safe distance. And if it launches the red beam and it lands between the middle of the screen and the left side of the screen, you can run towards the wolf to avoid the huge cluster of red crystals while you get 4-5 free hits.

Straight Path I
Chicken destroyed 250 obstacles.

See Straight Path III

Straight Path II
Chicken destroyed 500 obstacles.

See Straight Path III

Straight Path III
Chicken destroyed 1000 obstacles.

For the three aforementioned trophies, you’ll have to destroy 250, 500, and 1,000 obstacles. You can easily get this in a handful of minutes by playing the Tiiiimber level in the Super Chicken Jumper Challenge Mode. For this one, you need to use your knife to attack and destroy groups of trees to reach the end of the stage. By playing in this stage, you can destroy dozens of obstacles for each run. On top of this, you’ll probably die a bunch due to the groups of three trees that need to be attacked just right by jump, attacking and pressing right on the left analog stick and the D-Pad… which leads us to the next group of trophies!

Time to Die I
Chicken died 50 times.

See Time to Die III

Time to Die II
Chicken died 100 times.

See Time to Die III

Time to Die III
Chicken died 200 times.

For these three trophies, you have to die 50, 100 and 200 times. You’ve probably made already made good progress towards these goals from completing the first world in Super Jumper Chicken, as well as by working on the three trophies for destroying 1,000 obstacles in total. Because of this, playing the Tiiiimber level in the Super Chicken Jumper Challenge Mode is the way to go. Why? Because on said stage you can die once every 3 seconds, press the Square button, and then die again in only 3 seconds. Mash the Square button – or use a turbo controller, and you can get 20 deaths per minute, which is why getting to 200 deaths would only take 10 minutes if going from 0 to 200, which won’t be the case for this one since you’re probably going to die a bunch during boss fights.

Endless Survivor I
Chicken survived 15 seconds in endless mode.

See Endless Survivor III

Endless Survivor II
Chicken survived 30 seconds in endless mode.

See Endless Survivor III

Endless Survivor III
Chicken survived 60 seconds in endless mode.

Once you’ve unlocked Endless Mode, all you need to do is survive for 60 seconds. I suggest you leave these three trophies for last, since you’ll get into the groove after defeating the first three bosses in the game. Use your newly acquired skills and make the most of your weapon to defeat enemies and obstacles, avoiding those that are harder to destroy due to your weapon’s cooldown.

Jumper Master
Unlock all other trophies.

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