Super Chicken Jumper Out Tomorrow

by EdEN, Owner

2D autorunner Super Chicken Jumper from eastasiasoft and Sewer Cat is launching tomorrow on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

The world is in danger. Evil forces from the past have come to destroy our planet and the only individual that Mrs. President trusts to save our lives is a super skilled spy-chicken. Take the role of this feathered secret agent as he defends the free world from doom in a run ‘n’ gun action experience that’s got a little bit of everything, with a touch of chicken and anime girls on top. Traverse 6 unique worlds and shoot your way through tons of enemies until you become a legend.

Run, jump, dodge, destroy and kill anything in your path – those are the basics you’ll need to master to fight the evil that’s rising from Hell. Listen to the advice of the cute anime girls and you should be just fine. Oh, and be mindful of the mushrooms you eat, some of them are quite dangerous! Are you going to let the world be destroyed, or are you a chicken?

Super Chicken Jumper Features:

• Interact with cute anime girls!
• Run, jump and shoot through action-packed levels across 6 distinct worlds.
• Use weapons and items that’ll make you one kickin’ chicken!
• Test your skills in an endless mode with 6 unique stages.
• Master 20 challenges to prove you’re worthy of the title “CHICKEN OF THE DECADE”!

We’ll be working on a review for Super Chicken Jumper from eastasiasoft and Sewer Cat, so be sure to stick around at!

Super Chicken Jumper Review - 1

Super Chicken Jumper Review - 2

Super Chicken Jumper Review - 3

Super Chicken Jumper Review - Boss

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