Roundup: Top Indie Gems Released On The Switch In 2022

by Palabar

From Elden Ring to Horizon: Forbidden West, 2022 was filled to the brim with AAA titles and smashing hits. Better yet, the gift keeps on giving as the last two months of the year still have lots of exciting surprises in store, including the much-anticipated God of War: Ragnarök on PS5.

But this year wasn’t all about blockbusters. And a handful of indie gems made it to the list of the best games of 2022. With its portability and versatility, the Nintendo Switch has long proven the perfect vessel for indie publishers. So, here are four recent indie games worth checking out in 2022.

Bear and Breakfast

Have you ever dreamt of running a homey B & B in the middle of the woods? Playing as a cute bear, this laid-back management game gets you to renovate a series of derelict buildings and set up the comfiest inn ever. So, personalise and customise each room to draw in customers in droves. Collect new items to keep them happy through and through. And as your forest resort expands, you might discover there is more to the surrounding wilderness than initially meets the eye. Released in the summer of 2022, this debut game by indie studio Gummy Cat takes a chill approach to the genre. With an adorable art style to boot, Bear and Breakfast is as low-stress as it gets. So, become the best landlord you can be in this cosy title where Stardew Valley meets LumbearJack.

Cult of the Lamb

If you like your game cute in a slightly ominous way, then Cult of the Lamb might be up your alley. Mixing roguelike dungeon-crawling and colony sim, this indie title with rather wicked undertones quickly became a gaming phenomenon. This action adventure developed by Massive Monster has you play as a sacrificed lamb who gets summoned back to life by a captive deity. To repay this heavy debt, you must grow your cult in the name of this demon-spirit. Thus, you set out on a mission to spread your god’s word. Performing mystical rituals and delivering vibrant sermons, you’ll build a loyal flock in your saviour’s honour. But the road to conversion is no walk in the park, as non-believers will get in the way of your cult’s supremacy. This cult-management simulator of sorts is one of the most addictive games to come out in 2022 on the Switch, and it is also available on PS4 and PS5.

Card Shark

Card games abound on the Switch, but Card Shark does things differently. In a bold twist to the formula, this indie gem by British studio Nerial emphasizes cheating. The game kicks off as a mysterious French count approaches a young mute to mold him into a con artist. His goal? Drain the pockets of the upper classes of 18 th -century French society. True to your benefactor’s instructions, your role is to win in any way you can. So, get ready to stack the cards or blatantly steal from your opponents in a series of thrilling minigames. Full of intrigue and deceit, this cunning action-adventure game brings a satirical flavor to the card parlor.

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Every year comes with the expectation of a new The Legend of Zelda game. And much to gamers’ delight, Nintendo announced the release of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for a May 12, 2023 launch. But in the meantime, hardcore fans may bide their time with a spiritual successor to the franchise. Tunic is an isometric action game following the adventures of a courageous fox. Blending elements of The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, Canadian studio Finji has delivered an action-adventure game as visually gorgeous as it is challenging. Deemed a masterpiece by gamers and critics alike, this might even be the best indie game to come out in 2022. So, gear up for boundless exploration, mind-scratching puzzle-solving, and exhilarating combat.

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