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Sidescrolling action RPG Dungeon Munchies from Chorus Worldwide and maJAJa is a Rated M for Mature experience on Nintendo Switch. Check our Dungeon Munchies review!

Sidescrolling action RPG Dungeon Munchies from Chorus Worldwide and maJAJa is a Rated M for Mature experience on Nintendo Switch. You have been revived as a zombie, and as it turns out, you’re extremely hungry! You have to eat if you don’t want to suffer from multi-organ failure, which is why the game focuses on having you hunt down creatures to cook them and eat up the dishes you create. The more dishes you cook, the better your odds of surviving through this experience.

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You’ll control your character with the left analog stick, also using it to aim. Your main weapon is mapped to the Y button, and your secondary weapon or item is mapped to the ZR button. The B button, as expected, is reserved for jumping, and you can roll/dash with the R button, which makes you invulnerable for an instant… and that’s about it! The resources you collect will be added to the Nice Plastic Bag you collect early in the game since it’s a friendly interdimensional pouch that can help to maintain the freshness of all the potential ingredients you find.

How will you cook some tasty meals? With the aid of Simmer, who you end up freeing from the magical pot that had trapped her for 10,000 years… just kidding! Simmer the Necromancer is your creator. She needs an apprentice that can inherit all of her culinary arts, which is why he needs you to get started right away. You can play Dungeon Munchies in one of three difficulty settings: Apprentice (a.k.a. easy), Sous-Chef (the standard difficulty setting), and Executive Chef (for those of you who want things dialed up to 11).

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Cooking is important because you can’t just eat raw creatures and the ingredients they provide. Why? Because all of the wind magic in them would make your zombie self go boom! But if you cook magical dishes, not only will you be able to eat them to take care of your hunger, but you’ll also benefit from the magical properties they will imbue you with! This is going to be very useful early on before you gain access to some of the permanent improvements to your zombie that are made by way of mandatory surgery.

Cook some delicious Fried Mosquito, and you will gain the Air Jump ability, which will allow you to jump again after your first jump. Cook yourself up some Mean Grilled Fish, and your movement while in water will increase by 50%. Make some yummy Fried Shrimp, and you will gain an extra 20 hit points. Some Happy Grass Rolls will increase your movement speed by 40%. A rare Snail Carpaccio will unleash an electrical counterattack. Eat a Fried Banana, and your melee attacks will deal additional damage. A bit of refreshing Guava Juice will make you recover 3 HP every 10 seconds. As you can see, there’s a wide variety of dishes and beverages for you to make so that you can have a better chance at surviving as a zombie in this new world you find yourself in. Do keep in mind that you can only consume up to seven different dishes and beverages at any given time. Oh, and not everything that you collect can be cooked!

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Some resources will be used for crafting weapons and other items to help you on this journey. You start out with a Big Wooden Rod you find early in Dungeon Munchies and can quickly craft yourself a Bladegrass Sword as a slower but more powerful main weapon. Maybe you want to craft a Poison Pouch from the leg and gland of a squishy toad. A Poison Pouch is very useful since it can spray a cloud of venom that can inflict a lot of damage over time. Get your hands on some wood and a snail shell, and you can craft a Snailshell Shield as a way to protect yourself by equipping it on your secondary slot.

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Dungeon Munchies is an action RPG on Nintendo Switch in which you’ll play as a zombie that must defeat monsters to collect their parts so that they can be used for cooking some delicious dishes and making refreshing beverages that grant special abilities and bonuses. There aren’t many competitors in its field, so if you want an action RPG with a zombie protagonist that must slay beasts, cook its remains, and use its husks and skin to craft items and weapons, this is the one that ticks all the boxes. It’s a bit linear, and the loading times are a tad long, but that’s about it. Dungeon Munchies is out on Nintendo Switch with a $16.99 asking price. You can also get a physical Nintendo Switch version of the game when it launches on December 2nd.

This Dungeon Munchies review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Chorus Worldwide.

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