A Frog’s Job Trophy Guide

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Want to get some extra tips for your Platinum run for A Frog’s Job on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5? Then check our A Frog’s Job Trophy Guide!

The trophy list for A Frog’s Job includes 11 Gold trophies, and since it’s a Cross-Buy title, if you own a PlayStation 5, you can add two Platinum trophies to your collection by playing the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game, and the objectives are easy to complete! The game includes 40 levels in total, but you don’t need to complete all of them.

You get one for stopping time for the first time and another one for collecting a frog soul. As for the rest, they will pop when you obtain a slime bullet, spawn a block by stepping on a switch, defeat your first turtle, complete levels 5, 15, and 25, and reach the snow, desert, and swamp biomes. How long should this take you? Around 15-20 minutes at most!

A Frogs Job Trophy Guide - 1

Time Wizard
Stop time the first time.

This is an easy one to get since all you need to do is press the Square button in the first level.

A Frogs Job Trophy Guide - 2

Get your first soul.

You need to collect a soul on each level to complete it, so just jump and touch the frog soul to get this trophy.

A Frogs Job Trophy Guide - 4

Block Caster
Spawn a block.

You can spawn a block by standing on a red switch, which can be done for the first time on level 6.

A Frogs Job Trophy Guide- 6

Freezing Time
Reach the snow biome

The snow biome starts on level 11, so just complete the first 10 levels and you’ll see this one pop.

A Frogs Job Trophy Guide - 3

Slime goo
Get a slime bullet.

There are several trophies where you can obtain a slime bullet, so you’ll get this one as you progress through A Frog’s Job. Level 13 is the first one with a slime bullet

Dehydration Time
Reach the desert biome.

You’ll get to the desert biome on stage 21, so just complete the first 20 levels in the game to make this trophy pop.

Turtle Flipper
Kill your first turtle.

You will need to kill a turtle with falling boxes to complete one of the levels, and there are two others where you need to use a slime bullet to defeat a turtle, so you don’t need to worry about this one! Just finish level 26 and you’ll be set.

A Frogs Job Trophy Guide

Complete Level 5.


A Frogs Job PS5 Trophy Guide

Moving Forward
Complete Level 15


A Frogs Job PS5 Trophy Guide
Almost There
Complete Level 25.


A Frogs Job PS4 Trophy Guide

Mud Time
Reach the swamp biome.

The swamp biome begins on level 31, so just complete the first 30 levels in A Frog’s Job.

This is the last trophy you need for the Platinum!

A Frogs Job Trophy Guide Platinum

Platinum Frog Reaper
Get all other trophies.

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