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The Witch’s House MV from DANGEN Entertainment and Fummy is an HD Remaster of the PC 2012 classic The Witch’s House. Learn more about this title in our The Witch’s House MV review!

A young girl, Viola, is drawn inexorably to a mysterious manor that seems to change behind her back. It is a place of pain, turmoil and death. Plumb its detestable depths and abominable history. Untangle riddles that bar your perilous path. And flee the hellish halls of The Witch’s House.

The Witch’s House, originally released in 2012, falls within the tradition of Japanese horror RPGs with a heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving and jump scares. Among other entries in the genre such as Ib and Ao Oni, The Witch’s House surprised fans with pixel art that conceals truly frightening horror.


The Witch’s House was originally released in 2012 and is a Japanese horror RPG. Now DANGEN Entertainment and Fummy are bringing us an HD remaster on PlayStation 4. You can think of this release being in the same style as my go-to Halloween game Corpse Party. The Witch’s House is more accessible and also less creepy than Corpse Party.

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As the game begins, you’ll be offered two difficulty options. You can select between Easy or Normal, and there’s also an Extra mode that unlocks once you have completed the game. Easy will allow you to restart when you die, and Normal mode will bring you back to the title screen every time your character dies. The Extra mode is a new difficulty exclusive to the MV version of this game, and it brings new events and traps for you to take on.

I already mentioned that this game reminded me of Corpse Party. The Witch’s House feels way less desperate than Corpse Party and is also less creepy. You’ll have to progress through the different floors of the witch’s house, and each one will be packed with traps. One wrong step, and you’ll be back to your last save point – or to the title screen!

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The game itself is designed to trap you at almost every obstacle, so your character WILL die often in the game if you miss a puzzle. One thing that I noticed is that death wasn’t frustrating at all, and the game encourages trial and error so that you can determine which is the best path toward the next floor. Oh, and there are also some jump scares for you to consider!

As for the game’s presentation, this remaster is superb! The game has high-definition pixel backgrounds, and the character sprites are also great to look at. Each new room is creepy in its own right, and each floor has a great variety of puzzles to solve. I also liked that the text is huge, so it’s easy to read even at a good distance from the TV.

I definitively recommend you dive into this game blindly and discover the traps and solve the puzzles on your own to keep the game challenging and fun. Some puzzles or events were definitively harder to figure out, so if you need to, you can always check out a walkthrough to help you get through the more challenging segments. All in all, the game can be completed in around 3-4 hours – even if the in-game counter is closer to the 2-hour mark since it doesn’t take into consideration all the time spent trying some solutions, dying after a mistake, and then giving it another go.

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There isn’t much to complain about The Witch’s House MV. I liked the setting, pacing, and light puzzles that feel rewarding when they are solved. The art style is superb, and, as I mentioned, the difficulty felt fair even if you’ll die over and over again due to the trial-and-error needed to find some puzzle solutions. I can definitively recommend this game for players looking for a creepy yet fun puzzle game. Also, the ending is worth the ride! The Witch’s House MV is out on PlayStation 4 with a $14.99 asking price.

This The Witch’s House MV review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by DANGEN Entertainment.

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