[Nintendo Switch] Infernax – The Stranger Review

by EdEN, Owner

Since it’s almost Halloween, it’s time for you to take Infernax for a new spin with the new free The Stranger DLC!

As you can tell from the trailer and the screens, The Stranger is a more modern character who wears the now classic hockey mask we all know and love. The Stranger comes from another time, as you can tell from his comment at the start of his journey when he mentions that it seems that he’s been teleported to medieval times. The overall story for the game won’t change, but The Stranger will now be part of the different cutscenes and will be mentioned in the story. To learn more about Infernax, you can check out our review.

Infernax - The Stranger Review 1

The controls don’t’ change that much when playing as The Stranger, but his weapon loadout does help to set him apart from original character Lord Alcedor. You’ll still move with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you jump with the B button and attack with the Y button to swing a bat with all of your might. The X button will be for the shotgun which certainly packs a punch at short range! It’s so powerful, than after shooting it, The Stranger will stagger back a bit! You can press and hold down the X button to aim all around you before shooting, which is always a great option – especially since when used while jumping, it will slightly slow down your fall for a second!

Infernax - The Stranger Review 2

You can still use the experience you collect to boost The Stranger by improving its power, health, and mana. Yes, mana is still part of the equation, so you should spend some of your experience to boost each of the three stats as you go. Don’t forget that you can purchase a at the start of the game with your hard-earned gold, so be sure to buy the shield spell to boost the power of your armor for a bit – oh, an do buy the extra heart that will increase the total number of lives you have, so that your dungeon crawling can be more efficient.

Infernax - The Stranger Review 3

The Stranger offers a new way to take on the story and challenges of Infernax on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4, with a character that does not have access to the shield of Lord Alcedor, switching it for a close-range shotgun that can certainly pack a punch, especially when you upgrade your power stat.

This Infernax: The Stranger review is based on a Nintendo Switch code provided by The Arcade Crew.

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