[Nintendo Switch] CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Review

by EdEN, Owner

CHAOS;HEAD NOAH from Spike Chunsoft and Mages is a revamped take on the classic visual novel from 5bp and Nitroplus, now on Nintendo Switch. Check our CHAOS;HEAD NOAH review!

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One day Takumi receives a weird and gruesome image that seems to be predicting the next New Generation Madness murder. The image was sent by someone known as Shogun. Is this real, or is he just hallucinating the whole thing? Takumi tries to brush the whole thing off…. But then he witnesses a horrible crime scene that is exactly as the image predicted. Alongside the fresh corpse is a girl completely soaked in blood. Her name? Rimi Sakihata. Takumi runs away from the whole thing, completely horrified about what just happened. The even weirder thing? A few days later, Rimi sits down next to him at school… and it seems that they’ve been friends for over a year?


This visual novel is fully voice-acted, with Japanese audio and English subtitles. You’ll be advancing the story by pressing the A button or by pressing the Y button to activate or deactivate the Auto Mode. You can also advance the text by moving the left or right analog sticks or the D-Pad at any time. At some points in the game, as you progress through the story, you be presented with delusions that affect Takumi. You can then select if said delusion should have a positive or a negative effect on him… or if there will be no delusion at all! This will have an effect on the ending you can get after your first run. For subsequent runs, you might want to consider activating the Skip Mode function with the R button and then pressing the L button to force text skip as needed.

There will be a wide variety of specific terms that will be used throughout this journey. To be able to better understand them, they will be automatically added as Tips, which you can check from the Tips List contained in the pause menu. These will include stuff such as RMT – Real-Money Trading or MMORPG, as well as ones like Seira Orgel, the main character of the (fictional) anime Blood Tune, a typical tsundere-style character. There are many important terms you need to consider, so be sure to check the Tips List every now and then since you’ll get the definition for each term, as well as additional information.


CHAOS;HEAD NOAH is a very intriguing visual novel that is getting a new audience on Nintendo’s console. It’s a Rated M for Mature experience, so it will go into some uncomfortable territory, with the delusions that Takumi suffers from taking some segments into fan-service territory or down the gore route, which is not going to be for everyone. There are some interesting plot twists in this one – two, in particular, come to mind – that will keep you glued and coming back for more.


And we’re getting the definitive version of the game on Nintendo Switch. CHAOS;HEAD NOAH includes more endings than the original version of CHAOS;HEAD, a different intro song, unique songs for some endings, and some changes here and there to give us a more streamlined and polished experience. CHAOS;HEAD NOAH is out on Nintendo Switch at a $24.99 price, and it’s one that those of you looking for an intriguing Rated M for Mature visual novel with a lot of replay value.

This CHAOS;HEAD NOAH review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Spike Chunsoft.

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