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Point and click adventure game sequel Buck Bradley 2 from RedDeerGames is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Buck Bradley 2 review!

Point and click adventure game sequel Buck Bradley 2 from RedDeerGames is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. The game takes place after the events of its prequel – the aptly titled Buck Bradley Comic Adventure – so if you’re not up to speed, here’s what’s going on! Due to the high pollution levels, the people on Earth suddenly started to mutate, changing into weird creatures! This affected Buck’s friend Ciroki at the worst time… since she was about to confess her love to him! The two ended up – spoilers! – facing carnivorous cows, hypnotized frogs, and even riding on top of mutant dolphins!

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For this second adventure, you’ll carry on right after you manage to get an ancient train going after solving several puzzles in a row. Your journey has one very specific goal: finding a way to cure Ciroki so that she can return back to being her former self… and maybe finally get a chance to declare her feelings to Buck! As you can tell from the screens in this Buck Bradley 2 review, the game has a very interesting comic book-style presentation, with some solid artwork that helps each character stand out. The game’s full name is technically Buck Bradley 2: the Sand and the Techno-pyramid

As was the case for the previous game, you can play this point and click adventure game with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or by using the touchscreen for the Nintendo Switch when you’re playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or if you take this one for a spin on a Nintendo Switch Lite. If you’re using physical inputs, you will move a cursor around the screen and then press the A button once to interact with something. If you tap something twice – either on the touchscreen or with the A button – you’ll get the prompts for pick up, move, put down, or speak.

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The objects you collect – and you should collect every single item that you find on your path – will be dropped into your bag for future consideration. Once you have an item you want to use to try and progress further in the game, you can drag and drop it onto the element you want to interact with. Items can also be combined, so just open your bag and drag one item on top of the other to see if it works. This is why you should grab everything you find so that you can always be ready to solve any problems you run into. And if you’re ever stuck, you have the option of using a hint that will have a cooldown period, so that you don’t abuse it.

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If you enjoyed Buck Bradley Comic Adventure, then you’ll have fun with Buck Bradley 2: the Sand and the Techno-pyramid since it will give you more of the same -more puzzles to solve, more quirky characters to meet, and more of the solid comic book-style presentation from its prequel. This one will take you less than two hours to solve, and it’s ready for you on Nintendo Switch with a $6.99 asking price.

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This Buck Bradley 2 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by RedDeerGames.

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