Hatup Out Next Week

by EdEN, Owner

2D puzzle platformer Hatup from eastasiasoft and Naoka Games is launching next week on November 2nd. Come check it out!

Take the role of a little purple humanoid as he navigates tricky puzzle stages that change depending on whether he’s wearing his fez-style hat or not! Hatup is a precision platformer with single-screen stages where the objective is to avoid spikes and other traps while collecting keys and toggling platforms on and off.

Are you clever enough to escape each level and move on to the next challenge?

Hatup Features:

• Run and jump through challenging single-screen puzzle stages!

• Wear or knock off your hat to affect levels in different ways.

• Collect keys and figure out how to reach the exit!

• Avoid spike traps and other hazards.

• Retry stages as many times as it takes!

Hatup Review - 4

Hatup Review - 3

Hatup Review - 2

Hatup Review - 1

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