Akupara Games Announces Sorry We’re Closed

by EdEN, Owner

Akupara Games has announced it will be publishing Sorry We’re Closed from indie à la mode, which will launch in 2024. Come check it out!

Sorry We’re Closed is a nostalgic single player survival horror game with rich lore and character interactions building up to multiple endings. Follow the end days of Michelle, explore unsettling locations using the environment to hide, and survive with clever plans and the demonic gun as your only means of defense.

With only a few days of freedom left, Michelle needs to find answers. Why has a dangerous and powerful demon placed a curse on her? And what can she do to save her own precious skin?

Sorry We’re Closed Features:

Surreal Surrondings – Investigate the divisive drama of Michelle’s bustling home turf.

Cryptic Characters – Get involved in the lives of curious residents and mysterious demons. Help (or hinder!) them in pursuit of freedom from your untimely demise.

Dive into the Demon World – Try to survive unwelcoming environments. Michelle might not be scared, but she’s still vulnerable.

Forge Your Fate – Choose who to talk to and where to visit next. With a range of dialogue options, uncover multiple endings in the newly revealed world of danger and demons.

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Sorry We're Closed Review - 3

Sorry We're Closed Review - 2

Sorry We're Closed Review - 1

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