The Dark Prophecy Out Today

by EdEN, Owner

Point and click adventure game The Dark Prophecy from Ratalaika Games, Start Warp, and Meridian4 is releasing today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Jacob, sitting by the night lake, receives a message from one of the magicians of the neighbouring kingdoms. He must get to the arch mage of his kingdom, Merlin, in order to convey an important message to him – otherwise, Jacob’s entire kingdom and village will perish within a day. His path to the castle begins very modestly – right in his village. First, he will have to find a way to get into the village witch’s hut and then carefully study the familiar landscape in order to find something new and hidden from public view.

The Dark Prophecy Review - 4

The Dark Prophecy Features:

Choose your own adventure dialogues.

“Look at/Use/Talk to” interactions.

A dark prophecy and witchcraft.

We’ll be working on a review for The Dark Prophecy from Ratalaika Games, Start Warp, and Meridian4, so be sure to stick around at!

The Dark Prophecy Review - 3

The Dark Prophecy Review - 2

The Dark Prophecy Review - 1

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