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Treehouse Riddle from Fruitbat Factory and Marudice is a puzzle game escape room type experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Treehouse Riddle review!

Treehouse Riddle from Fruitbat Factory and Marudice is a puzzle game escape room type experience on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be exploring a treehouse as you recall memories from your past. As you go from room to room, you’ll be solving puzzles to find the items needed to open the door that will allow you to exit the room so that you can visit the next one. With more than 60 puzzles and riddles to solve – all made out of wood, just like the treehouse – there’s a lot of content for you to take on.

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The game can be played with the Nintendo Switch Joy-con, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or by using touch controls by way of the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or if playing Treehouse Riddle on a Nintendo Switch Lite. When using physical inputs, you’ll move your character with the left analog stick as you interact with the A button. During puzzles, you’ll move a cursor on the screen with the left analog stick and interact with elements as needed. In puzzles, you’ll also be able to use the D-Pad.

Any items that you collect will be sent to your inventory on the left side of the screen. When trying to solve a puzzle, you’ll be able to use the cursor hand to pick up an item from your inventory and place it in the right spot. If you’re ever feeling a bit stuck, you can use the hint button at the top left of the screen. This one will show up when solving riddles, and pressing it will open up the hint screen. You can view hints in several steps so that you don’t get the full answer right away in one go. First up is learning the name and rules of the riddle. You’ll then unlock the second and third hints in order. There’s also the option of skipping the entire riddle from the hint screen, which is only available when the conditions are met to solve that riddle.

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As to not spoil things, I’ll discuss the two of the puzzles you find in the game. You find yourself trapped in a room. There’s a large box in front of the door, and when you interact with it, you’ll see a board with two squares that have a figure of a circle and a square, respectively. Since there’s a circle, a square, and a triangle carved on the other side of the board, your instinct will tell you to move the blocks on top the matching shapes… but the triangle one is missing! Look around the room, interact with a bag, and you’ll find the missing piece, which will allow you to solve your first puzzle.

The next room is a bit trickier since it features a handful of puzzles. Which one you take on is up to you, but the one I settled on was a puzzle that required me to move four wooden pieces from the peg on the left all the way to the red peg on the right. You’re probably familiar with this puzzle type since it has a very simple set of rules: you can only move one piece at a time, and you can only place a smaller piece on top of a larger piece. There’s a silver peg in the middle that will be crucial for your puzzle-solving endeavor, but it’s a puzzle that shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to solve.

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As you solve each puzzle, you’ll be told the puzzle’s name, how long it took you to solve it, and if you managed to solve it without using any hints. You’ll also receive an item that will be needed for solving the other puzzles in the room. Once you’ve completed all puzzles, you’ll be able to solve the last puzzle that is keeping you from progressing to the next room, where you’ll get to repeat this cycle with a new set of puzzles and clues as the difficulty increases at a steady pace.

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Treehouse Riddle offers more than 60 puzzles and riddles to solve as you go down memory lane, remembering your time on the treehouse. And once you finish the game, you’ll unlock an extra bonus mode! By playing through it, you’ll get to take on an additional short story, as well as a set of even more challenging puzzles that will test your skills. Treehouse Riddle is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price.

This Treehouse Riddle review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Fruitbat Factory.

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