Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy Lands On Consoles Next Week

by EdEN, Owner

Visual novel Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy from Ratalaika Games and Kikai Digital is launching on PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on September 30. Come check it out!

Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy is a choice-rich, fantasy adventure visual novel set in a steam punk Victorian reality.

While on a journey to his long lost mum’s homeland, Taka mysteriously finds himself in the city of Victoria. Soon he’s staring at a coffee house named ‘Taka Coffee House’, the same coffee house that he remembered so fondly during his childhood.

Join Taka in discovering his roots and search for his family’s secrets, in a city where baristas are knights and coffee is king.

Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy Review - 1


* Epic scope visual novel with 450,000 words

* Numerous choices and endings

* Four romance options

* Animated sprites and cut scenes

* Original soundtrack, including opening and ending songs

* Partial voice acting

We’ll be working on a review for Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy from Ratalaika Games and Kikai Digital, so be sure to stick around at!

Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy Review - 2

Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy Review - 3

Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy Review - 4

Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy Review - 5

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