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Mysterious puzzle platformer Eternal Hope from Double Hit Games and DX Gameworks is ready for you on PlayStation 4. Learn more in our Eternal Hope review!

Mysterious puzzle platformer Eternal Hope from Double Hit Games and DX Gameworks is ready for you on PlayStation 4. You’ll be playing as Ti’bi, a young man who finds himself on a journey through the purgatorial Shadow Realm to rescue his beloved’s soul. You’ll use the special power granted to you by the Keeper pf Souls to switch between dimensions to alter the location you’re in, using your surroundings and the creatures in each area to solve the different puzzles you’ll run into.

On your journey to the Temple of Souls to find the soul of your other half, in this adventure with hints of Limbo with a dose of color, you’ll move around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the Circle button, and gliding when up in the air by pressing and holding down the X button – that is, once you gain that ability. You can press the Triangle button to interact or to drag around objects that can help you solve some of the puzzles. To switch between dimensions, press the R1 button.

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By switching between dimensions, you this might reveal new elements or creatures while removing some elements from the area, which makes for some fun platforming segments. You’ll sometimes need to jump from one platform, switch to another dimension mid-air to land on a new platform, and then do it all over again. Switching between dimensions might also remove some hazards from your path, while revealing a creature that can help you reach a higher spot or escape from, say, a huge boulder that is rolling down to crush you.

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The game has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for your collection, and it’s not a challenging one to get. The list includes 26 Silver trophies and 3 Gold trophies in total, and most of the trophies will unlock as you progress through the game. While there are ten souls for you to find along the way – each one tied to a trophy – the good news is that once you complete the game you can go back and use the very useful checkpoint system to revisit each area for some trophy hunting cleanup. If you want to speed things up, be sure to check out this Eternal Hope Trophy Guide.

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Eternal Hope is a charming 2D sidescolling puzzle platformer on PlayStation 4 with a nod to Limbo in which you’ll do whatever it takes to save the soul of your beloved. The game offers a journey that you can complete in 2-3 hours as you try to find the pieces of your companion’s souls, as well as collect an additional 10 souls hidden though the game’s 12 chapters. Eternal Hope is out on PlayStation 4 with a $10.99 asking price.

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This Eternal Hope review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by DX Gameworks.

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