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Puzzle Galaxy from Naptime Games is a free-to-start jigsaw puzzle experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Puzzle Galaxy review!

Puzzle Galaxy from Naptime Games is a free-to-start jigsaw puzzle experience on Nintendo Switch. You get 25 images for your puzzle-solving needs at no cost and have the option of grabbing an additional 150 images by way of DLC – more on that in a bit. Some puzzles are still images, while others will show you a short video after you finish putting all the pieces in their place. Since this is an all-ages puzzle game, I enlisted my kids to help out with this Puzzle Galaxy review!

The puzzles are split into four different themes: Space and Steam, Cuteness Overload, Animal Album, and Beautiful Views. Each one is subsequently split into other groups, with Space and Steam having Cosmos Fun #1 and 2 as well as Steampunk, Cuteness Overload having Ocean Animals, Dogs Family and Sweet Princesses, Animal Album having Cats and Dogs, Horses and Ocean Life, and Beautiful Views giving us City Panoramas and Landscapes.

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Once you select a puzzle, you’ll then decide how many pieces it will be split into. The more pieces you need to work with, the higher the challenge! The options you have are splitting a puzzle into 6, 15, 28, 40, 56, 60, 96, and 150 pieces. You’ll get a quick preview of how the pieces will be split as you move between the different options so that you can tell which one feels right for you.

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The controls are simple and to the point, since you’ll be moving between selecting the different pieces with the left analog stick and then pressing the A button to grab them. Once you find the spot where you think said piece belongs, you can drop it with the A button. You can press the L button at any time to get a look at the image you’re trying to complete and can zoom in and out by pressing the ZR button. Pressing the R button will shuffle all the pieces on the left side of the screen. You also have the option of using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or if playing Puzzle Galaxy on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

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What can you do once you’re done with the 25 images included in the initial download for the free version of Puzzle Galaxy? You can then decide which of the four DLC packs you’ll buy to add more images to the game, or you can go all-in and get the bundle of all four DLC packs and save some money. The Space and Steam DLC adds 28 new puzzles, with 19 for the Cosmos Fun categories and 9 for the Steampunk category. The Cuteness Overload DLC pack adds 22 new puzzles, with 9 for Ocean Animals, 4 in the Dogs Family subcategory, and 9 for the Sweet Princess subcategory. The Animal Album DLC gives you 54 new puzzles, split into 18 puzzles for the Cats and Dogs, Horses, and Ocean Life subcategories. The first two DLC packs cost $4.49 each, and the Animal Album DLC pack costs $4.99. And then we have the Beautiful Views DLC, which adds 36 new puzzles, split into 18 for City Panoramas and 18 for Landscapes. This one is available for a lower price of $3.99.

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If you’re a jigsaw puzzle fan, then getting this one is a no-brainer since you can download Puzzle Galaxy on Nintendo Switch at no cost and enjoy 25 free images. If you like it, then you can purchase the DLC packs one at a time or buy the special All DLC Pack for $9.99 and save some money while getting 140 new jigsaw puzzles in the process.

This Puzzle Galaxy review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Naptime Games.

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