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The Wizard and The Slug from Ratalaika Games and Silkworm is a 2D adventure game set in a fantastic world. Check our The Wizard and the Slug review!

Play as the fastest, most agile slug in video game history together with a spellcasting wizard companion. Jump, dash, and shoot your way through this action 2D platformer with a unique health system plus an assist mode for increased accessibility.

In The Wizard and The Slug from Ratalaika Games and Silkworm, the game begins with a slightly confusing story about a Titan God and three gifts. You’ll then be in front of a tower attacked by birds – and you’ll try to defend yourself. As it turns out, you’re not supposed to win this fight, and the main character – the slug from the game’s title – will then be in a cave, ready for the adventure.

A few moments later, you’ll meet a strange creature that requires your help. It’s thanks to this that she’ll join you on your quest – and she is the Wizard from the game’s title. I thought that the Slug was quite a generic character, but once the Wizard sidekick jumped into the game, I honestly thought that she stole the show as her personality is funny. With that being said, the writing of this game is really great, and it was fun to discover what the creatures you encounter have to say.

The Wizard and The Slug PlayStation 4 Review

The level design is quite basic, so you’ll just have to walk while jumping over holes in the scenery and attack the generic enemies by throwing bullets with the Square button. The enemies themselves are a bit of everything we would see in a fantasy game: slimes, bats, frogs, and some weirder creatures like bananas which might make you ask what is going on in this world.

One area The Wizard and The Slug does a great job at is the different boss fights. I thought that they were creative and fun. They can be challenging, so if you’re having a hard time, take note that you can activate some accessibility options, allowing you to select invincibility, infinite jumps, and/or infinite shots, which of course, will break the game balance to your advantage.

The Wizard and The Slug PS4 PS5 Review

I did think that the presentation of this game was rough and could have used some polishing. The dialogue boxes feel like they were from an early 2000 game and the color palette of the dialogue boxes can be hard to read for accessibility disabled people as the color of the dialogue box (light blue) is too close to the color of the text (white). The background soundtrack is okay but forgettable once the game has been completed.

Being a Ratalaika Games release, you can expect to add a new Platinum to your collection at a fast pace. And since the game is Cross-Buy for the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, you could add a second Platinum to your collection with the same purchase if you have a PlayStation 5 console. The trophies are easy to collect, and if you’re looking for the quickest route, this one shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes. The trophies are awarded for progressing through the first few levels, then fighting the game bosses, which can be done in a boss rush mode. I loved the writing enough that I can definitively recommend continuing playing after the mandatory levels for the Platinum. If you want to speed things up, you can check out this The Wizard and the Slug Trophy Guide.

The Wizard and The Slug PlayStation 5 Review

The Wizard and The Slug is a fun platformer with great writing that can give you two easy new Platinum trophies thanks to the game being Cross-Buy between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions. This game is easy to recommend to trophy hunters since the Platinum can be obtained in around 15-20 minutes. I loved the writing enough to continue playing after the levels required for the trophies. The game is out for a budget price of only $4.99.


This The Wizard and The Slug review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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