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Mr. Prepper from Ultimate Games and Rejected Games has you preparing for the worst-case scenario: nuclear war. Learn more in our Mr. Prepper review!

Mr. Prepper from Ultimate Games and Rejected Games has you preparing for the worst-case scenario: nuclear war. Because of this, you set out to build an underground shelter to survive through it all. You flew too close to the sun and gained the attention of the Agency. You did not obey. You did not remain in your lane. You won’t sit still and do nothing in the face of the status quo. You defied the system. For you to succeed, you’re going to need to make a solid plan.

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As the titular Mr. Prepper, you set out to do whatever it takes to craft the machines needed to have the resources that surviving through a nuclear apocalypse would require. The thing is, you’re not supposed to be doing this. The government is keeping its eye on you, and you’re supposed to be having a regular Americana life in a house with a yard and a lovely white picket fence. You’ve been returned to your home, but your vehicle has been confiscated. Can you remain off-the-grid as you prepare while making sure that no one is suspicious of your activities?

You’ll have to make the most of what you have, trading with your neighbors for anything that could prove to be useful for your endeavor or scavenging materials and items whenever possible. You’re not the only one that smells that something funny is going on, so you’ll meet others who are also trying to get ready for the worst. Complete the quests they give to you, and help them as they help you help them help you. The Secret Police does not want you to be prepared and would like you to remain controlled, so you’re going to have to outsmart them.

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As for the controls, you’ll move the camera around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, recentering the camera by pressing in on the right analog stick. The A button will make Mr. Prepper move or perform an action – and you can go into the options menu and select to have your character always run when moving, which saves up some time. To interact with something, just press the ZR button, which will show you what you can do with said object. You can change weapons with the D-Pad and can reload by pressing in on the left analog stick. Got all that? Oh, and you can also play Mr. Prepper by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or if playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

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You can play this one either in the Normal Game Mode, which offers to you the standard Mr. Prepper experience, playing in the Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty settings, or play in Hardcore, which means that if you fail, your save file will be deleted. You can also go into Creative Mode. What Creative Mode does is give you unlimited access to all items and materials, and you can also set your character to be immortal. As expected, Creative Mode is best reserved for doing a second run through the game once you know what you’ll be dealing with so that you can abuse the system a bit and do some crazy stuff.

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If you’re looking for a game on Nintendo Switch that can help you prepare for nuclear war as you work in a clandestine bunker while the man is trying to get you, then Mr. Prepper is the game for you. It’s going to be one of those love it or hate it type of games, but if it clicks with you, it clicks with you. Don’t forget that the actions you perform will require energy, so you’re going to have to take a nap every now and then to relax, unwind, and recover. You should also eat something if you don’t want to faint! Mr. Prepper is out on Nintendo Switch with a $15.49 asking price.

This Mr. Prepper review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ultimate Games.

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