[PlayStation 4] Bunny Mahjo Review

by EdEN, Owner

Bunny Mahjo from DillyFrame Games is a 3D take on the classic game of Mahjong on PlayStation 4. Check out our Bunny Mahjo review!

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Bunny Mahjo from DillyFrame Games is a 3D take on the classic game of Mahjong on PlayStation 4. You’ll control your bunny with the left analog stick as you move the camera around with the right one. The X button will be used for jumping. Pressing up on the D-Pad will change the camera zoom so that you can get a better view of things. When playing through a Mahjong puzzle, you can press left on the D-Pad to shuffle the tiles around, and you can press right to get a hint about which two tiles you can pair together. Shuffling the tiles will add 30 seconds to your completion time for that puzzle while using a hint will add 60 seconds to your total time.

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Bunny Mahjo has a trophy list split into 4 Bronze trophies, 27 Silver trophies, and 2 gold trophies, which means that there’s a Platinum trophy in your future! Along with the trophies that will unlock for completing every single puzzle that the game has to offer – including the secret puzzle that is presented in the shape of the DillyFrame initials – there are also some miscellaneous trophies for changing your bunny’s color to all 15 available colors within 10 seconds, completing a puzzle without using shuffle, completing a puzzle by using more than 20 hints, completing a puzzle after using shuffle 20 times, for jumping into the water, and for completing a pair with the help of a second player, for which you’ll need to use two controllers.

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If you’re looking for a new way to experience Mahjong, then Bunny Mahjo is an option to consider on PlayStation 4. The game offers almost 30 puzzles to complete, as well as a Platinum trophy for trophy hunters to work towards unlocking. Bunny Mahjo is out with a budget price of only $2.99.

This Bunny Mahjo review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by DillyFrame Games.

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