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Frightence from PlayStige Interactive is a short first-person horror experience on PlayStation 4. Learn more in our Frightence review!

Frightence from PlayStige Interactive is a short first-person horror experience on PlayStation 4. This game pays homage to P.T., the beloved first-person psychological horror experience on PlayStation 4 from Hideo Kojima that was released by Konami way back in 2014. As was the case for P.T., in Frightence you’ll be exploring the same area over and over again as you trigger new cycles by completing specific objectives. You’ll take on the role of a janitor who works at the infamous Apartment #17, which is known for its many eerie tales and bloodcurdling urban legends.

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Since the building has received an eviction notice, you must visit each resident’s flat to confirm that everyone has finally left. As expected, things are not as simple as that, and you’ll be witness to many supernatural elements as you open each of the doors in the building, moving from floor to floor to try and find a way to end the cycle of madness. You’ll slowly walk up and down the stairs and down the halls of two of the floors in the building – although your character will remember how to run for one specific segment. Unfortunately, after this, he’ll once again walk at a slow but steady pace for subsequent loops.

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This one plays out as what you’d now call a first-person walking sim experience. The controls are easy to pick up on. You’ll move your character with the left analog stick and look around with the right one as you interact as needed by pressing the X button. You can also zoom in and out by pressing the Triangle button to get a better look at the items you find or the characters that you meet during your time with Frightence.

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The game has a full trophy list that is split into 6 Bronze trophies, 6 Silver trophies, and 8 Gold trophies. They will unlock as you progress through the game and experience the handful of specific scares you’ll get to experience. Without spoiling things too much, one will be related to the janitor himself, another one will pop when you find a peculiar black cat, and another one will unlock when you enter a room of a particular hue.

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Frightence is a first-person experience that pays homage to the beloved P.T. demo by featuring a short gameplay experience in which you’ll go throw a handful of loops as you explore Apartment#17. It’s a game that you can end up completing in around 30-40 minutes at most, as you end up adding a new Platinum trophy to your collection. Frightence is out on PlayStation 4 at a $5.99 price.

This Frightence review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by PlayStige Interactive.

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