How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset to the PS5 using the Creative BT-W3

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Creative is a name that is known in the enthusiast audio department. Today we review the Creative BT-W3, a device that allows you to connect your favorite Bluetooth device to your PlayStation console. Come check it out!

Enjoy better Bluetooth audio on your PlayStation® and Nintendo Switch™!

Creative BT-W3 is a portable Bluetooth audio transmitter equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0 and advanced audio codecs like aptX™ LL and aptX™ HD. With simple plug-and-play functionality, you can easily enjoy high-quality Bluetooth audio with your PlayStation and Nintendo Switch or upgrade your Bluetooth experience on PC and Mac with a more stable connection and better voice calls.

If you want to improve your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation home console experience with a third-party headset, this can easily be done with the new Creative BT-W3 device. It has a USB-C connector to plug into your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5 console. It also includes a standard USB-A connector that can be used if your device does not have a USB-C interface, as is the case for the PlayStation 4.

Connecting your Bluetooth headset to your PlayStation 5 through the BT-W3 Bluetooth® 5.0 Audio Transmitter is as easy as plugging the device into the front USB-C connector and holding the only button on the device for two seconds so that it enters pairing mode. Once pairing mode is active, set your audio device into pairing mode, and they’ll connect. When the BT-W3 device is looking for the hardware to connect to, it will slowly flash blue. Once it’s connected, the LED lights up in a solid color matching the codec used.

Creative BT-W3 Review

Creative BT-W3 Review

Creative BT-W3 Review

If your headset is also set to auto-connect to your phone, for example, your phone might steal the Bluetooth connection by being the first to pair, so keep this in mind if you’re unable to properly pair your headset right away.


Creative BT-W3 supports 4 different Bluetooth codecs—aptX LL, aptX HD, aptX, and SBC. Each of the codec has its own strengths and is suitable for different use cases: aptX LL is essential for a lag-free gaming experience, while aptX HD is ideal for music enjoyment. With the indicator light and codec selection button, you can easily tell which codec you’re using and switch to the suitable codec for your usage effortlessly.

As long as your Bluetooth device supports the corresponding codec, Creative BT-W3 will default to aptX LL first, with aptX HD next in priority, then aptX, and finally SBC.

When I tested the device with the Bluetooth headsets I had on hand, I noticed that the PlayStation 5 was detecting the headset as 3D Audio ready, so this feature was enabled by default. My HexGears E001 headset worked flawlessly, and once connected, the audio was stable, and the sound quality was great with the ‘SBC’ (blue led) codec. I also tried the ‘HFP’ (red) codec, which is the protocol used by cellphones to connect to Bluetooth devices that enables both voice input and output at lower sound quality.

Even when moving to another floor about 25ft from the base, I was still receiving audio without any clipping. As far as the line of sight is concerned, Creative announces that the Bluetooth 5.0 device has a range up to 30m / 100 ft.

Creative BT-W3 Review

On your PlayStation 5, if you want to easily switch the audio from your TV or Sound Bar to the Bluetooth or vice versa, you can navigate to the main PlayStation 5 icons menu and select Audio Output to change where the audio is sent. There’s also a 3.5mm analog microphone included that can be connected to the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller in the audio jack to add a hands-free team chat experience. On the PlayStation 5, this isn’t required because the DualSense has a built-in microphone that is already paired with the PlayStation 5.

Creative BT-W3 Box and Content
Creative BT-W3 Review

Creative BT-W3 Review

If you’re looking to connect your favorite Bluetooth headset, then the Creative BT-W3 is a solid option.

You can purchase your Creative BT-W3 unit right here (MSRP $39.99).

This Creative BT-W3 Bluetooth 5.0 USB device is based on an article provided by Creative.

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