Cotton Fantasy Out Next Month

by EdEN, Owner

New shoot ’em up adventure Cotton Fantasy from ININ Games and Success will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on May 20. Come check it out!

Cotton Fantasy is a brand-new addition to the Cotton series that sees Cotton and Silk embark on another adventure, this time in HD graphics! The game adds several new shoot ’em up mechanics to the iconic Cotton playstyle, providing a modern gameplay experience, more precise than ever. Featuring 6 iconic playable characters, 16 colourful and varied scrolling stages, with vertical, horizontal and 3D movement, and an exhilarating soundtrack with iconic remastered tracks from past games, Cotton Fantasy offers a lot of variation and replayability on your hunt for the high score. Packaged with a light-hearted story full of charming, fun cutscenes, fully-voiced in Japanese, this is a great and accessible new shoot ’em up game for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

You can also pre-order a physical Limited Edition or a Collector’s Edition for Cotton Fantasy from Strictly Limited Games right here. The Limited Edition will include the game on PS4 or Nintendo Switch along with a manual.

As for the Collector’s Edition? This will include:

Cotton Fantasy Review - Collector's Edition

Game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4

Premium Collector’s Edition box with magnetic clasp

Colourful game manual

Numbered certificate of authenticity

Nata de Cotton Nendoroid figure (approx. 10cm)

Yunomi ceramic Japanese tea cup (230ml)

Hardcover art book (Din A5)

Large, 2-sided poster (Din A2)

8 character cards (Din A7)

Original soundtrack on CD

Metal collector’s coin

Rubber keychain in willow-shape

2 stickers

Cotton Fantasy Review - Cutscene

Cotton Fantasy Review - Character Select

Cotton Fantasy Review - 2

Cotton Fantasy Review - 1

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