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Heavenly Bodies from 2pt Interactive is a physics-based game about completing different tasks in the weightlessness of space. Learn more in our Heavenly Bodies review!

Heavenly Bodies from 2pt Interactive is a physics-based game about completing different tasks in the weightlessness of space. You’ll have to review the instructions for each task so that you can take on each of the steps required for the different scenarios you’ll find yourself in. You have three options for the movement style. You can stick with Classic, which offers the standard experience for Heavenly Bodies. You can also select Assisted for an easier time in space or bump up the difficulty by selecting Newtonian. What Newtonian do is add physically accurate movement, which means that pretty much all the scenarios you have to solve will be more challenging. You should certainly try all three to see which one feels better for you.

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To play this physics-based experience, you’ll use the left analog stick to move your left arm, the right analog stick to move your right arm, and will grab with your left hand with the L2 button, and with your right hand with the R2 button. You can tuck your left leg with the L1 button and tuck your right leg so that you can use this to maneuver around each location. To use a tool, just press the X button once you’ve lined up properly. As you play, you’ll need to rotate the camera several times with the Square button to get the right angle from which to control your character. To open the operations manual, press the Touchpad on the DualSense.

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Without spoiling the whole experience, allow me to discuss the first set of puzzles you’ll have to solve once you start playing the game’s first chapter. You will arrive at a space station and will need to open up a hatch and then move around the next segment so that you can get to a machine. Once you’ve reached it, you’ll press a button to print out the task you need to complete. You’ll get the instructions manual, which you can review as you zoom in and out and turn the pages. First, you’ll have to push a lever so that you can then push three buttons in order. To finish powering up the system, you’ll need to plug in a cable so that you can then float towards the next lever that will open a hatch. Simple, right? Well, it all depends on what control option you selected!

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Heavenly Bodies has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to work on. The list includes 14 Bronze trophies, 4 Silver trophies, and 7 Gold trophies. The first trophy will pop as soon as you arrive at the space station. After this, there will be trophies for each of the chapters that you complete, for finding and securing all secret collectibles, for completing a level in Newtonian Mode, for finding a camera and filming yourself, for completing a handful of miscellaneous objectives, and for completing all challenges in each of the game’s chapters.

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Heavenly Bodies is a fun physics-based puzzle game set in space that can be as challenging as you want it to be, depending on the control scheme you select for your journey. There’s some replay value with the challenges you have to complete in each stage, as well as having to beat the levels in Newtonian Mode. Heavenly Bodies is out as a Cross-Buy title, giving you both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 versions of the game for a $19.99 asking price.

This Heavenly Bodies review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by 2pt Interactive.

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