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Are you ready for an over-the-top arcade-style driving game on PlayStation 5 as you take on the role of a spy? Then check out our Agent Intercept review!

In Agent Intercept from PikPok, you’ll be behind the wheel of Sceptre, the Agency’s newest high-tech vehicle… which can transform! You’ll be going up against CLAW, the evil criminal organization that is up to no good. You need to put a stop to their evil schemes before it’s too late. Use your superspy skills to avoid obstacles and overcome all challenges as you transform the Sceptre from a car to a plane to a boat – or make the most of the skies that can pop below the vehicle – as you explore exotic locations in search of the truth.

During each of the game’s missions, you’ll have some Intel Objectives to complete so that you can uncover CLAW’s evil plan. These Intel Objectives include things such as completing the mission, drifting for X meters, scoring Y number of points, performing Z Daredevil style bonus, or defeating a bunch of CLAW vehicles. You can review your progress for each of these Intel Objectives by pausing the game. Completing Intel Objectives is a must since it will allow you to learn what CLAW is up to so that you can see what the long-term plot is and put a stop to things before the point of no return.

Your vehicle will speed through each stage on its own, so you’ll only need to worry about steering with the left analog stick. You can boost with the L2 button as long as you have enough energy on your boost bar, which will fill up again over time. While boosting, you won’t receive damage when boosting, and you can defeat enemies or destroy obstacles. Use gadgets you collect by pressing the R2 button to defeat enemies – shoot a missile at an enemy vehicle and watch it go boom! Watch out for obstacles, hazards such as mines, or attacks from enemies, since they will drain your vehicle’s health bar, which can end your run.

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Given its mobile roots, Agent Intercept features a colorful presentation with a minimalist art style, short but action-packed levels, and simplified controls, which make it possible for you to focus on finishing each mission as you work on completing the Intel Objectives. The controls have been properly adapted to consoles, so you’ll easily drift as you boost with the L2 button, destroying any obstacles or enemies in your path as you catch some air by boosting over small ramps while on the ground.

Along with taking on the game’s Story Mode as you complete each set of five missions through the game’s three chapters, you can also take on the Score Attack Mode, aiming to get as high a score as possible. You can also see how your skills stack up against spies from around the world by trying to get the best time possible, participate in chases, or take on some target practice with your mighty weapons.

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Trophy-wise, Agent Intercept has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy to add to your collection. The list includes 12 Bronze trophies, 9 Silver trophies, and a single Gold trophy. The first trophy you’ll unlock will be for completing the game’s tutorial so that you can learn the basics. Several trophies will pop as you progress through the game, while a handful will unlock as you complete the side missions for each location. If you drift for over 100,000 meters, gain a 50x multiplier, defeat 500 enemies, ram into 200 enemies, and defeat hundreds of enemies with each of the special weapons you can use during your journey.

As for the customization options for Agent Intercept, the game offers you the option of prioritizing either Quality (a higher resolution) or Performance (boosting the framerate while lowering the resolution). You can also activate or deactivate subtitles, increase the subtitles, change how solid the text box is, scale the user interface, activate or deactivate a colorblind mode.

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If you’re looking for an over-the-top arcade-style driving game that places you in the role of a spy behind a high-tech vehicle that can transform as needed to overcome all odds AND you want to save the world from an evil organization named CLAW, then Agent Intercept will certainly tick all the boxes. It will be a fun Platinum trophy to work on as well. Agent Intercept is out on PlayStation 5 with a $19.99 asking price.

This Agent Intercept review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by PikPok.

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