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35MM from Sometimes You and Sergey Noskov is a post-apocalyptic story about two travelers who explore the wasteland left after the pandemic. Learn more in our 35MM review!

35MM from Sometimes You and Sergey Noskov is is a post-apocalyptic story about two travelers who explore the wasteland left after the pandemic. It was originally released on Steam back in 2016, so no, it’s not directly related to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has wiped out most of the planet’s population, infrastructures collapsed, and regular life was forever changed. This indie developer and publisher combo previously game us 7th Sector on PlayStation 4, as well as In Rays of Light, also on Sony’s consoles.

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To survive in 35MM, you’ll have to adapt to what your surroundings have to offer since supplies are limited in the towns and cities of Russia. You’re going to have to search everywhere since you need to collect batteries, food, and something to defend yourself with since you never know what situation you’ll find yourself in as you take step after step into the wilderness. The usual comfort you would feel from being in a city is forever gone, and every resource could be life-changing. Pay attention when exploring a cabin because, while it might seem that there are no supplies left, opening a cupboard could reveal some much-needed food.

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The game is a walking sim with a bit of a survival element in there, so you’ll be controlling your character with the left analog stick as you move the camera around with the right one. The X button will be for interacting, and you can run by pressing and holding down the L1 button. The L2 button is used for crouching so that you can get through more cramped spots. The Triangle button is used for turning on or off your flashlight so that you can get a better view of things when there’s not enough light. To check your inventory, press the R1 button, where you can eat some food or equip any weapons you have found.

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35MM features a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. The list is split into 4 Bronze trophies, 8 Silver trophies, and 8 Gold trophies. It’s hard to talk about the trophies themselves without spoiling the whole thing for you since most of them are related to specific moments in the overall experience. I will, however, mention a handful of them that should be spoiler-free. You’ll get a trophy for giving your partner a first aid kit and another one for opening a safe. As for the rest? You’re going to have to play this one to find out!

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35MM is a post-apocalyptic story about two travelers who explore the wasteland left after the pandemic, and since it’s of the walking sim variety, there’s not that much action to experience. The game does have some tense moments – such as when the pair is attacked by a bear, but it does not go into survival horror territory or offer more than the basic gameplay loop. 35MM is out on PlayStation 4 with a $9.99 price.

This 35MM review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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