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The Cruel King and the Great Hero from NIS America is a charming JRPG in which you’ll play as a girl who wants to become a hero like her father. Check out our The Cruel King and the Great Hero review!

The Cruel King and the Great Hero from NIS America is a charming JRPG in which you’ll play as a girl who wants to become a hero like her father. If looking at the game’s trailer and the screens in this The Cruel King and the Great Hero review, you get The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince vibes, that’s because the games share some of the same developers. The Demon King, once feared by all in the land, has certainly changed a lot over the years. It used to be the archnemesis of the Great Hero, who just happens to be the father of main character Yuu!

When the Demon King and the Great Hero were adversaries, they ended up having a crucial battle in which the Great Hero finally managed to gain an advantage. Since the Great Hero didn’t want to take the Demon King’s life, he ended up cutting one of the Demon King’s horns two horns since they were the source of his power. The Great Hero remained by the Demon King’s side as it healed its wounds. As the days went by, the two became close friends! Unfortunately, one day the Great Hero suffers a fatal wound and ends up asking one favor from the Demon King: to raise his child.

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The Demon King is now Yuu’s foster father, and he is doing everything he can to help her train so that she can follow in the footsteps of the Great Hero. Yuu has got a long road ahead of her, but hearing all of the stories about her dad has made her realize now is the time to start her journey. Oh, and, for some reason, she doesn’t realize that the Demon King from all of the stories about her father is actually the same Demon King that has taken care of her after her dad passed away.

You’ll move Yuu around each area with the left analog stick as you explore each location in search of an adventure. You’ll find treasure, as well as run into battles. When in a battle, you’ll need to keep an eye on Yuu’s stamina. It will decrease when she takes damage, and if it reaches 0, she will lose consciousness. If all party members lose consciousness, then you’ll lose and will need to restart from your last save. To keep this from happening, you’ll need to attack monsters so that you can eliminate them by depleting their hit points.

Your party members can also defend to lower the damage they receive by half. They can also try to escape from battle so that you can carry on with your quest before being defeated – just be careful since you won’t be able to escape from every battle. The stronger an enemy is, the lower the chance of being able to escape. There’s also the chance of using items during battle. Items are important since they can be used to heal allies who are low on stamina so that they don’t end up fainting. Some items can be used to deal damage to enemies or to lower their stats. There are also special skills that will require energy but that will allow you to deal considerable damage or heal wounds. You’ll regain some energy every turn, but you do need to make sure to make every skill count!

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By defeating enemies, you’ll receive shells and experience points. Shells are the in-game currency and act as money, which you can use to purchase items and better equipment. Experience points, as expected, will need to be collected so that Yuu and other party members can level up, which will increase her stats, making her stronger. She’ll gain boosts to her stamina so that she can withstand more damage, her energy total, to her attack so that she can deal more damage, to her defense so that the damage received is lowered, and speed so that you can act at a faster pace. By leveling up enough, Yuu will be able to run through areas in which enemies are much weaker than her. This greatly helps to speed things up since battles of the random type, so you will run into battles as you walk down an area.

In the Collection segment, you can unlock sketches and drawings by way of the Star Fragments that you’ve gathered during your time with the game. How do you gain Star Fragments? You’ll get them by completing Acts of Kindness during Yuu’s quest. You’ll run into good monsters who have turned a new leaf – like the Demon King – and who need your help. By completing these sidequests, you’ll gain Star Fragments and other rewards for your efforts. Just be sure to check your map with the – button to see if there are any spots where you can start an Act of Kindness.

As you meet new enemies, they will be added to the Monsterdex. For example, the first enemy you’ll meet is the Racoon. It’s a common species find everywhere, so you’re going to fight a lot of them. The more you defeat, the more information you’ll gain about it, including its stamina, attack, defense, and speed. You’ll also learn its traits, how much money you gain from defeating it, and if there’s a chance, it will drop an item when you win. Can you find all of them to complete the Monsterdex?

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The Nintendo Switch version of The Cruel King and the Great Hero also has a Badges system, which mirrors the trophy system you can find in the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Some will be gained as you progress through the game, while others will need you to complete some additional objectives that are not mandatory. Can you get all 33 badges during your time with The Cruel King and the Great Hero? Begin by completing Yuu’s first training day, complete your first Act of Kindness, and you’ll be off to a great start!

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The Cruel King and the Great Hero is a charming hand-drawn turn-based RPG that is a lot of fun on Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. What it does do is give us an easy-to-play RPG with a feel-good story and plenty of content to enjoy with battles that will test your skills without feeling overwhelming. The Cruel King and the Great Hero is out on Nintendo Switch at a $29.99 price.

This The Cruel King and the Great Hero review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by NIS America.

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