[Nintendo Switch] MacGuffin’s Curse Review

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MacGuffin’s Curse from Brawsome is an interesting comedy puzzle adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our MacGuffin’s Curse review!

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MacGuffin’s Curse from Brawsome is an interesting comedy puzzle adventure on Nintendo Switch. After giving us old-school-infused point and click adventure game Warp Frontier on Nintendo’s console, indie Brawsone has gone back in time to bring us a new, revamped, widescreen 1080p Full HD take on its classic puzzle game – do know that the widescreen version is a stretched version of the 4:3 version! MacGuffin’s Curse was originally released on Steam way back in 2012, and a lot has changed in gaming in ten years while still remaining the same.

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MacGuffin’s Curse begins when you pick up the paper and read that a rare amulet will be shown at the Museum of Myths and Mysteries. You’ll then get a short cut scene by way of a graphic novel style sequence that shows the titular character Lucas MacGuffin arriving at said museum with one goal: to steal the amulet for Harvey so that you can make the rent! It should have been an easy gig, but things go wrong right from the start since Lucas ends up reading his map wrong, and he starts away from the museum’s entrance.

Once you’re ready to go, you’ll be able to access your quest log with the – button to see what needs to be done. For example, your first objective will be to find the Lupine Twine amulet that is part of the new exhibition at the Museum of Myths and Mysteries. You’ll move Lucas with the left analog stick, interacting with objects with the A button, as you take on the many puzzles the game has to offer, one room at a time. If you’re ever stuck, you can use the B button to call Detective Strump on your walkie-talkie. With over 150 rooms to explore, there is plenty to do in this one! And if you feel like you’ve made a terrible mistake, you can reset a puzzle with the Y button.

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And then, we have the werewolf side of Lucas! Lucas is a magician turned thief who also happens to turn into a werewolf every now and then because of the amulet’s curse – hence the game’s name! Just walk onto a patch of moonlight, and witness how Lucas turns into the mighty beast! There are also some puzzles that will have special tiles that allow you to turn Lucas into his werewolf form and vice versa, but they only work to turn one into the other and can’t be used to go the other way around.

Since Lucas is very different in his human form and in his werewolf form, you’ll need to make good use of each of their abilities to succeed. Lucas can, for example, interact with consoles, swim through water, open and close doors, open safes, and interact with vortexes. Lucas in his werewolf form is more powerful, but he won’t be able to do what Lucas can in his human form! Use the werewolf to push and pull boxes around, dig around, destroy rocks, and other stuff for which the extra muscles can come in handy – you might need to push some batteries with the X button every now and then to activate some systems.

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While exploring each room, you should be sure to pay attention to your surroundings so that you not only find the best way to solve each puzzle but also collect any loot that is up for grabs! You might find a hidden treasure behind a sign or collect something from behind a painting. All of these will be added to your loot total, which is available on the left side of the screen. There are also a lot of safes you can open up as Lucas to collect some extra loot! Some safes and spots will even contain pieces of a comic book! Loot can be used at Harvey’s to purchase a variety of items… which does seem a bit odd since, you know, Lucas owes Harvey for the rent. Anyway, you can purchase a rug, a kitchen sink, a fridge, a desk, a robot toy, and more!

There’s an in-game achievements system by way of badges, with 15 in total to collect. The objectives you’ll have to complete will include stealing the Lupine Twine amulet, filling in all quick travel locations on the map, inspecting the Mayor’s office, finding a lot of evidence on one character to provide it to another character, discovering more of the story of the town of Feyre, purchasing a computer from Harvey and booting it up, completing the game and watching the credits, and completing the game and watching the credits after booting up the computer, to name some examples.

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MacGuffin’s Curse is a fun comedy puzzle adventure on Nintendo Switch. The game will slow you into things by adding new elements at a steady pace but without ever overwhelming you with too many things to do. Having Lucas being able to do some things while in human form and others while in werewolf form adds an interesting element to the equation. With over 150 rooms to explore and solve, there’s a lot for you to do as you take on this experience. MacGuffin’s Curse is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 price, and it’s a puzzle game you should definitely check out on Nintendo Switch.

This MacGuffin’s Curse review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Brawsome.

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