Catie in Meowmeowland Out Next Week

by EdEN, Owner

Point and click adventure game Catie in Meowmeowland from ARTillery and Blowfish Studios is launching on PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on March 30. Come check it out!

Catie in MeowmeowLand is a beautiful traditional point-and-click adventure game set in a bizarre world of cats and ludicrous characters.

As Catie follows a strange white cat in her garden she suddenly finds herself in a mysterious world of MeowmeowLand, where she has to undergo a journey to find her way back home. Your task is to help Catie get there!

Catie in Meowmeowland Features:

MeowmeowLand is a bizarre world where you find the most unexpected characters in even more unpredictable situations

As you help Catie solve all kinds of original puzzles, be ready to face absurdly comical situations
Play through over 24 beautiful 2D hand-drawn sceneries, see more than 100 funny characters and more than 2 hours of charmingly crafted 2D animations

Listen to original recorded comical voices of all characters and composed music

Instead of reading traditional dull text boxes all characters communicate through comic bubbles filled with amusing line art

Catie in Meowmeowland Review - 4

Catie in Meowmeowland Review - 3

Catie in Meowmeowland Review - 2

Catie in Meowmeowland Review - 1

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