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by ThaRaven403

I was recently looking for something to “geek up” my office, so when we were contacted for a chance to get a Displate metal poster for review, I was eager to select one from their massive collection!

Less than a week after having it shipped, I received a large, matte finish metal poster by Displate. The package came wrapped in a box that nicely detailed its message about what it does for sustainability and the fact that it plants trees for every purchase, which is great for the environment, as they now have over 16 million trees planted! Apart from the obvious poster, the box contained the two magnets required for mounting (only one is necessary for the smaller model), two wall stickers for the magnets, a cleaning wipe, the instructions, and a few stickers.

Displate Review

The process to install the poster was incredibly easy and well detailed in the instructions. I first started by cleaning the wall with the included cleaning wipe. The next step was to apply both stickers to the wall, making sure to remove any air bubbles formed under it to ensure the magnets would stick well to them. I really like the fact that you’re not directly sticking the magnets to the wall, as those stickers won’t leave any residue if you decide to remove them. Once those were up, I simply had to peel the paper off the magnets and stick them to the identified area by pressing hard on them for a few seconds. And with the poster being made out of metal, the final step was simply to bring it close to the magnets and let them do their job, with only a few final adjustments needed to make your poster be straight.

Displate Review

The final result feels great to look at, with great quality and a solid look with the matte finish. Compared to paper posters, this looks a whole lot better as you don’t have any scotch tape over the corners or a folding effect close to the edges that always seems to occur with posters that are not sturdy like this one. It’s also worth mentioning that I spent about 2 hours browsing the different posters available, as there are hundreds available in a lot of different themes, so if you like quality posters, you’ll likely end up ordering a few over time.

They have many metal posters that can be ordered, and if you’re looking to up your living room, you can look at their gaming best sellers, or search for many things like ‘PlayStation‘. They have posters from Star Wars, Marvel, anime, Cyberpunk, and more.

Displate Review

This review is based on an article provided by Displate.

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