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Super Onion Boy 2 from PowerSlash Studios and Ratalaika Games is a 2D action platformer on PS5. Check our Super Onion Boy 2 review!

Your mission is to save your friends who were captured by a terrible monster with psychic powers.
Defeat enemies on the way with the help of superpowers and epic transformations, collect coins and stars to earn extra lives. Find chests with magic potions and defeat all the terrible bosses until you reach the final boss.

Super Onion Boy 2 from PowerSlash Studios and Ratalaika Games is a 2D action platformer in which you’ll run and jump your way through a variety of levels of increasing difficulty. The game begins as robots invade the area, even trying to abduct our hero, who manages to break free. It’s now up to you to defeat all enemies to save not only the forest but all other areas in the land.

Super Onion Boy 2 PS5 review

The gameplay is quite simple: you’ll move in a 2D plane as you jump on platforms and avoid obstacles. You can jump on most of the enemies you’ll meet to get rid of them, but some of them will require that you hit them with other types of attacks. There are a few treasure chests that you can open to collect a heart to gain an extra hit, coins, as well as power-ups that will grant you a costume with special abilities.

The first costume you’ll quickly gain access to is a ninja that has the power to throw a short-range weapon at enemies while also having a very useful double jump. The next costume is a mage that shoots magic energy from a distance. You can even gain access to a (weird) bubble that allows you to glide after you jump so that you can reach platforms that you wouldn’t be able to get to with a regular jump. If you’re hit while wearing any of these costumes, you’ll revert to your regular form.

The level design is relatively minimalistic and doesn’t offer as much exploration freedom as other platformers since levels often feature a single path for you to take. I did love the different themes since they are quite varied throughout the game. Each level has five collectibles that take the form of stars, which exist for those of you who like to 100% games and who are looking for a new Platinum trophy for their collection.

Super Onion Boy 2 PS4 review

I liked the pixel art for the characters, stages, and the background of each location, reminding me of games from the classic 16-bit era, with a colorful presentation and a cheery soundtrack. It’s almost of a chiptune nature, which might feel a bit hit or miss for some of you. And no, the PlayStation 5 version of Super Onion Boy 2 does not make use of the features of the DualSense controller.

In the trophies department, with this one being a Ratalaika games release, you’ll be happy to hear this is a Cross-Buy release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and each of them has a separate trophy list for you to work on. Trophy hunters will be pleased to learn that they can get all of the trophies in the game in around 30 minutes or so since you’ll have to grab a lot of stars, collect the costumes, and beat the boss on the eighth stage.

Super Onion Boy PlayStation review

Super Onion Boy 2 is a platformer that doesn’t reinvent the genre, featuring a minimalist level design for its stages. The game offers a few different costumes to vary the gameplay, but this ultimately doesn’t change much. I liked the boss fights, and with this one being a Cross-Buy release from Ratalaika Games, you can expect to get two new Platinum trophies with your purchase.

If you’re looking for help to get you through this adventure, we definitively recommend this trophy guide.

This Super Onion Boy 2 review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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