[FREE Giveaway] Graphic Novel – Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation

by Ceidz, Owner

Today we have a very special giveaway in the form of a softcover graphic novel based on the Horizon Zero Dawn game: Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation. This giveaway is from Titan Comics.

Due to the nature of this giveaway, and since Titan Comics will ship the graphic novel to the winner, this one is restricted to the following countries and regions.
– North America (US, Canada, Mexico)
– United Kingdom
– Europe

A brand new graphic novel expanding upon the story of the epic video game Horizon Zero Dawn, and its highly anticipated sequel, Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon: a far-future Earth full of epic natural beauty and forgotten ruins, where awe-inspiring, animal-like machines are the dominant species and humans struggle to survive in pre-industrial tribes. Set during the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Erend and Aloy are on the hunt for the killer of an important member of the Oseram tribe, fending off deadly machines along the way. As the hunt progresses, Erend reveals the sweeping tale of the liberation of Meridian, and how his sister, Ersa, Captain of the Carja Vanguard, was murdered.

Writer: Anne Toole
Artist: Elmer Damaso
Softcover, 112pp, $17.99, £14.99
On sale March 2022
ISBN: 9781787734104

About the Creators:

Anne Toole winner of Writers Guild Award, was one of the writers on the Horizon Zero Dawn video game. The game earned critical acclaim for its writing and won the
Golden Joystick Award for Best Storytelling. She also created the hundred-episode series Alles Liebe, Annette and wrote for the Emmy-winning webseries The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. She also contributed writing to the videogame The Witcher.

Elmer Damaso has been working as a manga and comic book artist for almost 20 years, and has previously worked on titles such as Speed Racer, Hero Factory, Kingdom of Assassins, and Robotech/Voltron.

Now’s YOUR time to win a FREE softcover copy of Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation delivered to your door!

The giveaway ends on March 15, 2022 at midnight (PST).

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Good luck!

FREE Book – Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation (Graphic Novel) | PS4blog.net

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